Thwart Thieves Using These Clever Tricks

Our homes are so important to us. They’re a place we can relax and recharge ready for whatever life brings, and allow us to feel comfortable and safe. And so to keep them well protected, home security should be an issue that every family considers carefully. Along with the devastation of having possessions that you have worked so hard for stolen, burglaries are also a massive invasion of privacy and can leave lasting panic and anxiety in its wake.

CCTV, sturdy locks and a burglar alarm are the most important defenses against thieves. To find the products that are best for you, you could research how to choose a home security system. However, there are a couple of other things you can do too which will make your property much less appealing to burglars. Check out these clever tricks

Use an Automatic Curtain Rail
One of the things thieves will look for when scoping out a house to burgle is whether it looks like anyone is home. While many are opportunistic and will simply hop through an open window if it seems like no-one is in, others will spend time checking out the property first. If you’re not home, and your curtains are left either open or closed that will be a big clue for them. Timed curtain rails are one solution to this problem. They can be either set on a timer or automatically open or close depending on the light levels.

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Use Timer Switches
People often put the lights on when they go out of the house at night, but this can be a dead giveaway to burglars that no-one is home. Particularly if they are scoping out your property, and the same lights that were on at 9 pm are still on at 4 am. Whether you’re going on vacation or just out for the night, timer switches are a much better option. You can plug in lamps or TVs and set them to come on at different times throughout the day and night. If you use them in conjunction with the curtain rail above, no-one watching the house would ever be able to guess that no-one was in.

Use a TV Simulator
Leaving a television on when you’re not at home can be useful. It makes you home appear occupied which may put off a burglar looking for an easy target. However if you don’t like to waste energy or leave appliances plugged in, a tv simulator can be used instead. These are generally run on batteries and emit random colors and patterns of light which simulate a television’s flickering glow. They’re LED so could potentially last for decades and aren’t too expensive to buy. If you choose a model that comes on automatically depending on light levels, you know you’re always covered. Even if you unexpectedly have to stay out late or overnight, as nothing needs setting up.

Do you use any of these to protect your home against intruders?


  1. I really like these ideas, I wasn't home when my place got robbed, although I left a tv on the robber lived up stairs and I guess he figured out what I was doing. I will have to check into the automatic rods also.

    1. aw that's very unfortunate but Thank God you're safe. That's why we need to be very careful and be safe always