Keeping Squeaky Clean In Style: Creating A Beautiful Bathroom

When it comes to revamping your home, the bathroom is often left until last. Many people push it aside, as guests will rarely see it. It is much easier to ignore a room that a guest will often spend about five minutes in, as opposed to the place where they’ll spend most of their visit. But your bathroom needs a little TLC every now and again too. It should be a space that you can enjoy yourself. So, express yourself through your bathroom design. Here are a few ways to bring your bathroom design up to date.

Showers are fast and convenient. They are also much more economical when it comes to everyday use. They use less water than filling the tub, so are better for your wallet and the environment too. But you don’t want to be trying to rinse shampoo lather out of your hair with a feeble trickle of lukewarm water. Make sure that your shower has a large head and strong pressure. A strong, steady and even flow of water will make your showers much more enjoyable. Electric showers can heat water on demand so that you won’t be left cold half way through your daily cleanse. When it comes to design, enclosed showers are much more aesthetically pleasing. They are less prone to leaking water on your floor and look sleek and suave in the corner of your bathroom. Check out http://www.showerenclosuresuk.com for some beautiful designs.

Bath Tubs
Showers are more convenient for everyday use. But now and then it’s lovely to indulge in a steamy, hot bubble bath. So make sure you have the right tub for it. You could bring a touch of class to the room with a traditional claw foot bath, or you could keep the design more modern with smooth, rounded porcelain. If you have the room, invest in a bigger tub. It will be comfortable, and you will have more room to relax. For extra luxury, consider a bathtub with jet streams. These create a jacuzzi effect and are extremely comforting.

Colour Scheme
There are certain colour schemes that are much more favoured when it comes to bathrooms. Many people like to keep it clean and sterile with pure white. But this can get dirty quickly. After all, the bathroom is a room that you use to rid yourself of dirt. An alternative is to opt for aquatic tones. Sea foam greens, aqua blue and Celeste, are all beautiful and will give your room a fresh feel. If you have a lot of light in the room, you can play with darker tones too. For example, teal, robin egg blue and midnight blue. We wouldn’t recommend these for smaller, more confined bathrooms, though.


There are certain accessories that every bathroom should have. They’re essentials, but that doesn’t mean they should necessarily be bog-standard and dull. You can have fun with them. Shower mats, toilet brush holders, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, you name it. Somebody out there will be selling them in a colour or design that catches the eye.

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