Dibz: Solution to the Hassles out of Parking and Traffic

Image source: Pixabay
How do you go to work every day? Do you use your car or ride in public transportation? If you are living in the Metro, you'll probably experience the hassle of traffic every day. You must be one of the many people who hates traffic right? I feel you. Bad traffic jam is a typical site in the cities particularly in places where the shopping malls exist. 

Each year, we experience billions of losses to our economy due to traffic congestions, especially in Metro Manila. And the losses could have been used to build infrastructures like hospitals, school buildings perhaps we could have bought different types of equipment for the betterment of the Filipino lives. But why do we have traffic in the first place? What could be the causes of this situation in which our streets are completely congested? 

As the population increases, there will be more commuters and cars in the streets. Excessive numbers of vehicles are the primary factors that cause traffic congestions. Typical public transportation used by passengers are buses and jeepneys who occupies more road spaces that worsen the traffic. Some car owners take their cars even in just a short distance of travel just to show they have one. So what can you expect from these? Traffic jams can affect the productivity of an employee who commutes because they tend to arrive late at work that and gives them stress. You'll end up losing your personal time because of the long-time travel on the road. 

Gas emissions from the vehicles can contribute to global warming and can cause health problems. It means that if there are more cars on the road, there will be a massive increase in greenhouse gas emissions and pollutes the air.

I know that we all hate troubles of getting stuck and sitting in traffic for a long time. But did you know that Parking Space Management can help us reduce traffic?

Lack of parking spaces and unorganized parking can cause an obstruction on inner-lanes that leads to traffic delays. The search for parking space is one of the ordeals of vehicle owners. Parking hassles? Don't worry! Dibz got your covered. 

What is Dibz? Dibz is a mobile application available in app stores that provide information about available parking areas. Apart from that, you can also reserve and pre-pay for a parking space through the app before arriving at your destination around Metro Manila PH. With the revolutionize implementation of suitable technologies, it helps the utilization car parks and commercial garages. Soon they will also offer peer to peer parking program. If you have available parking space in your residential building, you can rent out your space while away from home which could help you earn extra money to cover the monthly residential parking costs. 
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  1. This is such a great app. It amazes me that we can do this from our phone. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. i agree. Our phone can be useful in many ways. This app will be a great help.

  2. That sounds like a very helpful app.

    1. yes its a promising app. hope it will work well.