Gearbest In-House Affiliate Program

At this time, many people have been looking for ways to earn money aside from having been employed by a company or having their own business. The cost of the commodities is getting higher and higher as the time pass. For students, housekeepers, and unemployed people, working online is one of their solutions to make a living. There are lots of opportunities online, but you also need to exert time and effort to look for them. You could earn by being a virtual assistant, a freelancer or a blogger. But have you heard about being an affiliate and how you can earn from it? 

Affiliate program is a marketing program where merchants or advertisers recruits people who own a website to place banner ads, text links and other advertising materials where webmasters can earn commissions once a customer purchase products through the affiliate link. One popular affiliate program is the Gearbest in-house affiliate program. What is Gearbest and how can you benefit from them? How can you make money from your blog traffic? 

Gearbest is an online shopping platform in six languages that sell electronic gadgets, cell phones, toys, home products and even different kind of apparels for men, women, and kids. They have over 500, 000 products that come from 7 local warehouses. 

Gearbest Associate Program is base on a pay-per-sale basis. In which, you'll get to earn from driving traffic to GearBest and converting them into sales (Cost per Sale Payout). It means you'll get a percentage  or fixed amount per sale when you send customer who will purchase something from them. 

What are the advantages of being a Gearbest affiliate? 
  • Contest for affiliate members: you'll get the chance to win rewards from the video and review contest intended for affiliates
  • Brand ambassador program: help promotes GearBest Associate Program by joining the premium brand ambassador program to earn more rewards
  • The full scope of offers: They have the wide range of products you could cater to consumers according to their needs.
  • New Partner Incentives: New affiliates can have an extra independent commission if they will sign up from NOVEMBER 7, 2016 up to DECEMBER 31, 2016 given the condition that they have not joined any Gearbest affiliate programs before. 
  • Multilingual Ad Content: You can customize your ad material to your local language to increase conversion rate and sales.
  • Reliable Account Manager: Account managers are always ready to assist and answer your queries to help grow your profit.
  • Accurate Stats: Affiliates can access detailed and timely data to monitor the effectiveness of your sales strategy and know how well your performance
Joining in an affiliate program may seem like a quick way to earn money, but you must remember that you should work hard and dedicate your time and effort to make it work. Let Gearbest Associate Program help you make your dream come true. Help them sell products in the comfort of your home.

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