Don't Settle For An Empty Shell - Make Your House A Home!

Just like our clothes, hairstyle, and possessions, our homes are an extension of our very selves. They are a way we express our identity and what matters to us most. For example, if you walk into the home of a full-time artist, you will probably be able to tell that they live there simply by looking around. On the same note, if you walk into the home of a successful business person, you should be able to see the outpourings of their success from the minute you get through the door. But making a house a home isn't just about showing off your material possessions. It's about investing in items that make a difference to you, and the way you and your family live in your home. It's also about doing things together that are unique to the way your family operates - things you wouldn't be able to do anywhere else. After all, a house is just an empty shell. It doesn't matter whether it's a brand new multi-million dollar apartment or an old converted barn house. It's still up to you and you alone to inject personality into it, so you feel as though it's yours. After all, how many times have you sat in a hotel room and despite the luxury, just felt a little....well, weird? It's unusual to bed down somewhere for the evening and not have any home comforts around. Humans are creatures inherently designed to build a 'nest' for themselves and their children. It is this deep-rooted instinct that could be the reason behind our desire to actually make our houses our homes.

Soft furnishings
Walk into an empty new house, with tiled floors and towering ceilings, and you may notice something unusual - the echo. Empty homes, especially those without carpets, often come with a built-in echo. This is because when there is no furniture, there is nothing to absorb the sound. Start to fill your new home with furniture, and you will notice the echo slowly start to diminish. You will soon start to feel less self-conscious about the loudness of your voice, something that can stop you chilling out in your home. Having the radio on or music playing loudly won't feel as conspicuous either. Soft furnishings, in particular, can help with this, and also tend to make any home feel much cozier and comfortable. After all, we don't come home to sit on straight-backed chairs around a hard table, just like we do in meetings at work. It needs to be somewhere that you can completely relax without feeling as though you have an image to uphold. Pile your sofas and chairs high with cushions, so you've always got something soft to sink into after a long day. If you're into entertaining, it's also important to have somewhere comfy for your guests to sit after dinner with a glass of wine. Instead of just bringing chairs from your dining room through to your lounge, why not consider visiting www.comfysacks.com/8-ft-bean-bag.html? It'll become a talking point that makes your friends more keen to come over than ever. Plus, when it's not in use by them, it makes a great movie-watching spot for you and the kids.

Artwork and decor
One of the most enjoyable things about moving home is getting the chance to decorate all over again. After all the initial stress of securing the move and getting all your furniture in, playing with trinkets and art can be a form of light relief. It can also be one of the best ways to personalize your home and let people know that the design is up to you. The best way to create this kind of look is to shun commitment to a trend. Of course, we all take inspiration from home magazines and Pinterest boards from time to time. After all, the Scandinavian interior trend has been going strong for a couple of years now. But the issue you have with committing wholly to a trend is that it may not be exactly who you are. For example, you may have a beautiful piece of artwork that is a family heirloom - a piece you adore and would love to have up on the wall. However, it just doesn't 'go' with your Instagram-worthy monochrome home. The important thing to consider here is whether the trend you've designed your home with will still be something you love in five years time. Instead of committing fully to creating a show-home, make something that you know will make you happy to wake up to every day! If you love plants, find a way to get them in every room - even if it means you have to invest in quite a few coffee tables. Buy artwork that speaks to you, and display it somewhere you'll know you'll always see it. In fact, getting as creative as possible with your home decor is one of the best ways to put your stamp on your property. Love precious stones and gems? Fish out that vintage decorative dish and display some of your favorites by your bed. Putting up lots of family photos is also a great way to remind you of all the good times you've had - an absolute essential if life ever gets on top of you. Think about cute ways to display all your memories, such as printing off polaroids and hanging them across fairy lights.  Or, perhaps you are a keen traveler, and want a reminder of all the amazing places that you still have yet to visit. Having a glowing globe or a world map to gaze at can help give you motivation if you've had a bad day at work, or if you're just feeling stressed. Anything that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside - go for it!

Household rituals
When we say 'household rituals' we don't mean 'taking your shoes off at the front door' or 'dinner is at 6 pm sharp every night'. We mean the cute things that you and your family do together when you're all in the house together. This can be a feat in itself these days. You and your partner both work long hours, your kids are at school all day and then at a million sports or art classes afterward too. But on those rare times that everyone is free for a night in together, it's essential to make the most of it. After all, nothing makes a home like the people (and animals, if you're a pet lover) that live in it. Even if your kids are playing noisily with their toys, your husband is watching sports at full volume, and the dog is whining for food, it's all part of the soundtrack that makes up your family life. Having a night into yourself with an abundance of peace and quiet can be welcomed every once in awhile - but still, it's not quite the same. Having regular family activities is also a huge part of what makes your home feel like the one place you truly belong to. This could be something as simple as your Saturday movie and take-out night - or it could be your annual Eurovision party. It's all part of why you got your home in the first place - so you could enjoy quality time together in a space that's just for you.

Isn't it true that we always feel a sense of satisfaction when we know we've done something all by ourselves? Your home might quite literally be a blank canvas when you first arrive. Therefore, getting your hands dirty could be the key to feeling like you've earned your property. Some people do indeed build their entire homes from scratch - but this takes a lot of time, money and effort. Plus, unless you are skilled in the construction industry, you will most likely have to employ a lot of people to do expert work for you. For the most part, though, the majority of people buy a newly built home or a pre-owned home. This way, the only task you have when you move in is to make it your own. The previous owners might have an old carpet in the living room that you're not particularly keen on - so why not get handy with a sanding machine? If you want a rustic look to your home, there's nothing better than a beautifully polished floor with an Aztec rug on top. But, you'll need to be prepared to put in a bit of work for it! However, once it's done, you can sit back and know that this is a home that you created. Other simple changes can make a huge difference to how you feel within your four walls. Color, for example, can be used to lift your mood and set the scene within a room. Even if you're useless with the majority of DIY jobs, getting handy with a paintbrush is normally within most people's realms. Choose colors that inspire you, and that complement the furnishings in your home.


  1. This is such a great post. Time to make our house a home :D

  2. I love decorating my house to make it feel like home. I have a low budget so it takes some imagination. Thank you so much for sharing this great article