Spark Your Child's Imagination With A Dreamy Bedroom

Image source: Pixabay

A little person's bedroom is their haven, their safe place that they can dream in and let their imagination go wild. You only need a little bit of money to truly make your child's bedroom dream come to life. You don't need to spend the earth on fancy furniture either. A child will appreciate something colorful, and you'll like something that keeps the toys hidden away at the end of the day.
1. Start simply
It's incredible the difference that a lick of paint cause. A fresh paint job will keep things fresh and modern and won't cost the earth. It's good to get your child's input too - let them get involved and see how you create you can be with them. The more they're involved, the more they'll love the results.

2. Decorate the walls
Once you've redone the paint job, it's time to start getting a little bit creative! If you're gooing at drawing and artwork, the nice idea is to draw a scene from their favorite book on the wall. If you're not quite skilled enough for this, you could frame lots of pictures instead. Colorful and fun frames will make your child (or children) genuinely smile.

3. Think long-term
It's well worth remembering that your child is changing every single day. They're getting older and what they might adore one day they might hate the next. Don't invest too much in particular character and try to keep wall colors relatively neutral. You can intersperse the wall hangings and remember that they're going to physically get bigger. Choose furniture that they will grow into - you don't want something that they're going to be too small for too quickly. It's a good idea to invest in furniture that will carry them right through to their teenage years.

4. Kids love a cabin bed
There is something about being up high that will really appeal to a child's imagination. A bunk or cabin bed will also give you additional storage room, which is always a plus point. You can even fit a desk for them to do their homework on under a cabin bed!

5. Play with lighting
Whether your child is scared of the dark or a little night owl, there are many lighting options available for them. A little night-light is excellent for dimming things down and reading a bedtime story. Add some extra interest to the room with a gorgeous light fitting from places like Quoizel lighting too. A great lighting fixture will make the bedroom even more appealing.

You can get a 2-in-1 essential oil diffuser and night lamp, which are readily available in the market. Seek for the best essential oil brands, which can put your child to sleep with a peaceful mind.

6. Update the room over time
Remember that everything doesn't have to be perfect straight away. You don't need to buy everything all at once. A great bedroom will have an eclectic feel with pieces displayed over time. Don't rush into a purchase just because you want everything over and done with - enjoy the decorating journey and your child will too!


  1. These are all great ideas! I love decorating my kids rooms, it's always so fun to do it with them as they get older as well. :)

  2. Kids rooms are very special for them. These are some great ideas that won't break the bank. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote here, I love to decorate myself,and liked
    your tips.