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When the suns beating down and you find yourself with a free 24 hours to spend with your friends, family or partner, its a lovely idea to head out of your home and find a little private spot in nature to relax with those closest to you. You might live near a lake or forest, rivers, mountains or the seashore; wherever you would tend to go on a sunny day with family, youre going to need the following things to get you on your way so that you can enjoy peace and tranquility on a summers day.


Being a mother means being there for every up and down in your child’s life. It means putting your all into a relationship, from nurturing to befriending. You are there from the very first moment, and you want to be there through every moment afterwards. You have watched her grow from a baby into a full-grown woman before you could even blink, and now she has found the love of her life and is ready to get married.

Time goes by so quickly, which is why making the most out of every moment is important, for you and for her. You don’t have time to do things twice, you don’t have time to play it safe. When it comes to big milestones like her wedding, you want the experience to be as incredible and unique as she is, and as her mother, it is your job to help her realize her dreams.

Far too many weddings are based wholly on tradition, despite those traditions being steeped in cultural significance that no longer applies. Yes, many young brides want nothing more than the traditional white wedding they’ve seen again and again, but a wedding should be a unique experience, meaning you should never shy away from exciting or different traditions just because it wasn’t featured in the latest wedding magazine. You can do whatever you want and make your own traditions, which is why as her mother you should do all you can to help her have her dream wedding.

To help both of you get started with planning, consider these unique wedding traditions to use on her big day:


If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to add to your ATV, think in terms of light. Poor lighting leaves you at risk for so many different types of incidents – which can be avoided. These days, nearly all ATV’s come with standard low and high beam lighting. But, additional lighting can help you to see what is ahead and what to avoid.

In fact, many riders are adding LED light bars for their vehicles.

While the major benefit is that the right lights can help you to see and to avoid accidents, here are a few tips to ensure you purchase the correct LED lights for your ATV.


Mindfulness: it is not just a buzzword or a trend to be dabbled in. It is something that we as adults should be aiming to have a skill, and pass down to our children too. Before we look at how we can instill mindfulness in our children (and whole family), let’s look at what mindfulness is.

“a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

First things first:

In order to teach something like mindfulness, we need to have our practices in place. How do you do it? Do you meditate? Do you have an inner monologue of sayings that help you stay in that space? Whatever it is, you have to be doing it too. If not, there is no better time to start. Set a goal to begin meditating for at least 3 minutes a day – you can use an app to help you if you want, then up your time when you get more and more comfortable with it.

Think about why you are doing this? If you are finding that you are setting expectations, then perhaps you need to reconsider. Anything other than for your child to learn to process thoughts and feelings with a sense of confidence then stop.


The hopes to get invited in the most prestigious and remarkable Royal Wedding can be the chance of a lifetime, thankfully there's this live streaming online that we can watch in the comforts of our home. About 2,640 personalities were invited, from Hollywood celebrities to the British royalties.
Royal weddings such as this one never end up with just people who are being invited to attend, the bride and groom wedding gowns, the heirloom pieces like the crown, scepter, pins and wedding rings, especially the luxury engagement rings with Angelic Diamonds that was being presented first to the public during the proposal.
Events listed below are some of the invites received and very fortunate enough to have some of the so-called A-listers in the industry.


Image Credit: Stock Snap

We think of playtime as being just for children but adults should be allowed to play too. When we get together, it’s easy to spend an evening chatting over drinks or chilling out in front of the TV but what if we got more creative with our leisure time?

Adults should be playing much more often whether it is on a sports team or doing challenges like an escape room or having fun with a night of poker. Play brings us closer together, it gives us an opportunity to talk about new things and develop ourselves and relationships. In fact, the more you think about it, the more obvious it seems that adults should be playing together too.


The year 2017 witnessed major cybersecurity disruptions around the world, and as we enter the year 2018, we can expect to see cybercriminals making this trend more profound by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to launch more virulent malware, DDoS attacks and vandalism.
Though 2018 will surely bring more connectivity and embark on proficient digital transformation initiatives, the continual digital transformation entailed in our lives has already positioned cybercriminals to attack on all the devices connected to the IOT (Internet of Things) - both in offices and homes.
But at the same time, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a proficient tool in the hands of defenders as well, which can completely alter the cybersecurity landscape.

Here are some cyber security predictions for the year 2018:


At the office, there’s always this one go-to person. There’s always a guy or a gal who everyone likes, who the boss trusts, who the co-workers want to hang out with. We all want to be that person – someone with buckets of charm, with an easy grin, with a clever quip for every situation. Are you that girl? Do you have that kind of personal magnetism that draws people in? Let’s check!



There will come a time in anyone's life where you stop and begin to assess your current situation. You'll ask yourself questions about whether you're happy, and whether you're where you want to be. And one of those terrifying moments is when you realize that the answer to those questions is no. Then what do you do?

Well, fortunately, no matter how low you may feel right now - it's only the beginning of something amazing. If you're not enjoying the path that your career is going down, then that means it's time for a change - a big one. Sure, this can be a very overwhelming thought, but it's also a liberating one.

If you're still a little worried and need a bit more convincing - here's how to get brave enough.


Whether you are about to embark on an important job interview, meet your future in-laws, or about to have your first day at a new job, first impressions are always what comes first. It is completely normal to be nervous about what these people may think of you, but there is no reason to not feel confident and prepared. Most individuals will judge you within the first seconds of meeting you, and it is likely that opinion will not change. This is why it is important to knock your first impression out of the ballpark.

First, you need to understand the power of first impressions. This is not something to take lightly, but at the same time, you shouldn’t grow any grey hairs over it. Scientific studies say that a human’s mind can handle 40 bits of information every second. That may sound like a lot, but our unconscious mind actually handles 11 million bps. This all goes to say that we let the unconscious part of the mind handle things like first impressions, along with millions of other things. This means that when you walk into that room for your interview, you only have a few seconds for the interviewer to notice certain aspects about you before they start getting distracted with other thoughts or move on.

Now that you understand why first impressions matter so much, it is time to ensure your first impression is a good one:


Birthdays are definitely special. They don't just only remind you how old you are, but they talk about all your personal stories, adding one more year of memories. Apart from these, the many things that a birthday brings along, it becomes a complete storehouse of surprises and love. But do you know what's the most challenging part of birthday? It's thinking of gifts and ideas to make your loved ones feel really special.

Gone are those typical days when gifting your makeup or clothes was the surefire ways of winning her heart. Innovations are always the match winner. You have to put some serious thinking to woo her and make her feel extremely special and elated. Now, this article brings you some fun-filled and exciting ideas that you can give to your dear wife and make her day remarkably awesome! Exciting and Heart Winning Birthday Surprises For Your Dear Wife.

Here are some of the excellent ideas to surprise your wife, specifically on her birthday.

You have been crushing over her for quite a few months and you so want to make a conversation with her but, you don’t know how to approach her. Right? Well, talking to your crush and confessing your love for her is a difficult task. However, with a few basic tips and a little effort, you can access the key to her heart. Want to know how to impress your crush in the most beautiful way? Check out these amazing ways to impress your girl crush here:


Honda has been serving the world with its massive manufacturing of motorcycles and ATVs for decades and has been one of the most promising brands present today. One can rely on the models that Honda manufactures and one can also have a great experience of riding with a Honda bike. Motorbikes and other ATVs need to be rebuilt time to time no matter how carefully one uses it. A bike needs to be repaired so that it keeps running smoothly without any hurdles.

Replacing a Honda part is made easy as online websites bring one with the right quality of genuine Honda parts at cheap rates. Rebuilding is necessary for increasing the performance of the motorcycle, and one can easily find the Honda motorcycle parts online in some clicks. brings all the needed parts starting from the oldest model to the recent launches on one platform. The search for the right Honda part can be made accessible by entering the basic details about the bike one needs the parts for.


Ready, set, shop! There are only a few days left until Valentine’s day, and if you don’t have the perfect gift for him you should be on your way to the mall right this instant. Or at least browsing through online shops. Getting your stronger half the ideal Valentine’s gift might take a bit more ingenuity and inspiration then you might think.

So we have prepared a list of items that can really make him feel special on this loving holiday.


If you’re hunting for a new job for the first time in a few years because you fancy a new challenge, hanker after a promotion or would simply like a change of scene, then you need a killer resume. The piece of paper that you send off with your letter of application will enable you to get your foot in the door and hopefully secure you an invite to interview. However, simply listing your previous job roles, education and hobbies are not going to cut it in the twenty-first century. Take a look at these ways to enhance your resume.

Image by:Pexels


It can sound like a bit of a chore, but your resume should be adapted to fit every single different job that you’re applying for. No two of your resumes should be the same. You should analyse the wording of each job advert you like the look of and try to echo this within your resume. If the company you are looking to apply to seeks a candidate to ‘network across the business’, and you have written that you ‘liaise with stakeholders’ change the wording. Many companies use machine screening and will not pick up on the similarities between these two actions.


If you have a friend or family member that has a birthday approaching, it can be a nice idea to throw them a surprise birthday party. It might seem like a simple process, but it can take a lot of planning. Not only do you have to organize everyone to arrive at the same time, but you also have to plan how to get the guest of honor to the party. Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect party.


Image from Pexels

Picking the friends that you want to be part of your bridal party can be hard. You want them to be fun enough to organise a memorable hen party but responsible enough to keep things in check on the big day. A 2016 survey conducted by hitched revealed that brides have on average 3 bridesmaids by their side on the big day. But what are the different types of bridesmaids and what makes them so great?

The Waterfront Hotel, a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, has come up with this fun guide.


As the wise Dalai Lama once said – Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions. Sometimes, the key to feeling joyful is spreading joy all around you. Many of us let the outside factors tackle with our happiness and our mood, which is an amateur mistake. Having a bad day, and not being in the greatest mood is not a reason not to smile, laugh or think positively. Even though you won’t believe in it, you’ll be spreading an aura of happiness around you. So, what are the things we could do to make our everyday full of joy?


We live in a world that has grown so fast that everyone has their hands full with various daily obligations. And that is just when having an ordinary job from nine to five. But when you’re a mum, you don’t have to have a nine to five job in order to keep busy. In fact, managing your home and your family is enough to leave you without even a moment to catch your breath. You can try various techniques in creating your individual schedule, but at the end of the day, it will still be full. Luckily, there are some useful apps and services that can make your life easier.


Every business has its own personal markings that will make it stand out and be noticed. The same happens for individuals when they either become successful or merely make an effort to be seen. Making your mark can also be done by how you contact via practical means. By doing this, you can create an aura and an atmosphere around the point of communication with those you love and or those who are in your close circle professionally. More often than not it will be a case of the latter needing to be pushed forward and become a part of your natural routine. If you own a business or just want to get, your name circulating around the workplace, when you are making memos, handing out documents, and or writing reports, your personal markings should express your presence.