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Starting a small business sa Pilipinas is challenging pero exciting.


Yung journey mo from concept to realization is going to be a roller coaster ride na puno ng hopes and dreams. Syempre, hindi mawawala ang myriad of obstacles na talagang nagti-test sa ating entrepreneurial spirit.


Kasama na dito ang financial constraint, market  competition, and the constant need to adapt to evolving consumer trends. When small thriving business are faced with these problems, isa na sa nakakatulong sa kanila ay ang e-load business.


E-loads can be considered essential for Filipinos. Kaya hindi nawawalan ng customers ang mga maliliit na tindahan pag nagbebenta sila ng load. Dahil dito, small ventures have been able to up their revenue, despite its relatively low profit margin. These small profits add up to something big that helps small business succeed.


Kahit barya lang yan, kung nagpapaload naman buong baranggay sayo, lalaki pa din ang revenue mo. That’s why hindi kataka-taka na small business owners in the Philippines find inspiration in this business model. If you want to get in the load business as well, we will guide you tungkol sa pinakapatok na providers sa Pilipinas.



Sa paglaki ng gaming industry, naging essential na ang pag-'top up' para sa mas enjoy na experience sa laro. For first-time gamers, it's crucial na ma-gets ang concept ng in-game currency at paano mag-top up. This guide will give you mga tips on how to navigate this new territory smoothly.

Understanding In-Game Currencies and Microtransactions

Sa mundo ng gaming, hindi lang skills ang kailangan, minsan kailangan din mag-invest ng konting pera through what we call 'microtransactions'. Ang mga ito ay para bumili ng in-game currencies like gold, gems, or coins.


Depende sa paborito mong laro, katulad ng ROO, currencies can help you level up faster, buy special items, or even customize your characters. Pero bago mag-decide mag-spend, it's essential na alamin mo muna kung paano ito makaka-affect sa gameplay mo.


Dapat din natin ma-recognize ang value ng bawat transaction para hindi tayo malugi or mafeel na nasayang lang ang binayad. Let's dive deeper sa topic na 'to para mas ma-enjoy ang gaming experience without overspending.



If you're reading this, chances are good that you're a digital nomad. Or maybe you're considering making the jump to a nomadic lifestyle. Either way, there are a few things you should know before hitting the road.

Reports show that by 2025, remote workers will comprise 22% of the workforce. Many businesses like coworking spaces, coliving spaces, hotels with fast WiFi, and modern companies now accommodate remote workers who love to travel. These reasons mostly sealed the deal for those who always wanted to try this nomadic lifestyle.

The barriers to entry for the digital nomad lifestyle are rapidly disappearing – but that doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, working on the go can be pretty tough. One of the challenges you will face is to find the right gadgets to be efficient and stay mobile. But don't worry, as this list will tackle the five must-have gadgets for digital nomads!


In today’s world of technology, use of computers, smartphones, USB, memory cards etc is increasingly getting common. Interestingly they all have hard drives for data storage. Data storage like office work, college assignments, pictures, songs, movies and a lot more is a must for all of us.  But what if, all your data gets deleted from computers or smartphones due to hard drives getting corrupted?

Hard drive corruption, how does it happen?
Hard drive corruption can occur due to a malware attack, crashed operating system, or accidental formatting of a hard drive or other storage media. It can also occur by connecting someone else’s USB to your PC for files transfer without a virus check/scan.

Human error can be another reason like water spills and accidental drop of devices. Another common reason can be not paying attention to backing up your data and losing it in the process of hard disk failure.


If you use computers regularly you must have lost an important file at home or at work before and you may still lose another one. Only those that have lost a vital file before will understand how frustrating and disheartening it can be.

To help recover lost files, there are so many file recovery applications available on the net but only very few are as effective as the EaseUS free data recovery software. You can lose your file through so many ways like hard disk crash, operating system crash, accidental deletion from an external memory, wrong formatting, wrong partitioning, and many more. But that won’t be a problem because no matter how you lost the file, EaseUS file recovery software will help you recover it in a matter of minutes in just 3 steps.


The year 2017 witnessed major cybersecurity disruptions around the world, and as we enter the year 2018, we can expect to see cybercriminals making this trend more profound by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to launch more virulent malware, DDoS attacks and vandalism.
Though 2018 will surely bring more connectivity and embark on proficient digital transformation initiatives, the continual digital transformation entailed in our lives has already positioned cybercriminals to attack on all the devices connected to the IOT (Internet of Things) - both in offices and homes.
But at the same time, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a proficient tool in the hands of defenders as well, which can completely alter the cybersecurity landscape.

Here are some cyber security predictions for the year 2018:


ePerformax held a job fair during their 15th anniversary celebration, and applicants were hired on the spot to become the company’s newest batch of recruits
It has been 15 years since ePerformax started its journey here in the Philippines as one of the pioneer companies that helped the country grow its contact center and BPO industry. Since then, ePerformax has grown to be the best performing contact center for their clients and the best place to work for their employees. It has always been the company’s vision to maximize the potential of every employee by giving them rigorous training and enough room to grow their career in the direction they choose. Now, ePerformax is gearing up for the future of the industry with confidence it can help employees evolve to the next level – to handle the increasingly more complex customer interactions for ePerformax’s clients. “We have accomplished what we set out to accomplish in the last 15 years,” ePerformax President and CEO, Teresa Hartsaw said to employees and their families during the company’s 15th Anniversary Grand Family Carnival. “You are the ones making ePerformax possible.”
For the past decade, marketers have been focusing on hyper-local marketing because they recognize the importance of targeting customers by location. In fact, even Google has refined its results to respond to the rise in “near me” queries. 

But what is hyper-local targeting, how does this trend increase brand visibility and most importantly, how does it increase revenue potential? 

Hyper local targeting or local search marketing simply means advertising your business to potential customers within your geographical area. Marketing experts have seen the advantage of responding to the immediate needs of customers and this is especially doable if customer and business provider are within the same geographical location. 

This trend helps businesses push their brand locally increasing chances of online visibility through ripple effect. Ripple effect is when customers who come to a business “check in” on their social media account and recommend a business to their friends. Needless to say, this increases revenue potential for local businesses.



Do iOS devices run too slow for your needs? Do you frequently get “storage almost full” alerts? Do you have lots of junk files on your phone, but no way to start deleting them? If so, iMyFone Umate Free is an efficient iPhone Space Cleaner to remove all junk files from your iOS devices, optimize the performance of your iOS devices, and totally for free.


I grew up watching Anime and cartoons on TV.  But now that I am a parent, there's already smartphone or smart tv where you could connect to wifi and watch different kinds of videos, especially on Youtube. My daughter who is currently four years old loves to look at the unboxing videos of surprise eggs on youtube. It is one of the most popular videos among kids, and I am telling you she could watch it all day!  But did you know that they can now unbox surprise eggs through an Android/IOS app? Yes, you are reading it right! The game is called SURPRISE EGGS WORLD created by Biscuit Moon. It has four types of animals (farm, wild, pets, and dinosaurs) with seven kinds of animals in each category. There's a total of 35 kinds of animals to play with. 

*CLEAR SOUND: clear and soothing voice-overs
*NO ADS: no pop-up ads, No third-party advertising
*High GRAPHICS: cute and colorful hand drawn graphics
*EDUCATIONAL: kids can learn English language basics about animals (names and description of each animal)

*a bit pricey. You'll need to pay 2.99$ or 140Php to open the rest of the eggs
*too easy. No high scores, time-based puzzles, rules, or stress

I would rate it 4/5 because I feel that there's still more that needs to be added. More features mean more fun for the kids. The developer could also make it challenging to the children so that it won't be boring. I think children fell in love with unboxing videos of surprise eggs is because they get to see different kinds of toys in every egg, so maybe the developer/s could also add other characters aside from animals. Overall, I can say that this could be a "new thing" for kids age 2 to 4.  It can distract your child, so you could leave them while you take a nap. You don't have to worry because the content is suitable for the young ones. They could explore, play and have fun without your assistance. 

Check out the video below and see how it works:

Let your child experience the fun. Surprise Eggs World is now available on iOS and Android, so download it now and try it for free!

To learn more about the game, visit the official website, as well as the Facebook profile.
About Biscuit Moon
Biscuit Moon is a group of game developers, long-time friends, but most of all fathers. As such, we wanted to use our experience to create a game where our children are able to play with what they love most (surprise eggs!) without the risk of encountering aggressive ads, deceptive in-app purchases, or content that’s not appropriate for them. We also wanted to create an app that our children can enjoy without our assistance so we have a few free minutes to take care of some everyday tasks: the ones that need to be done but that we can’t get to while we’re absorbed in the care of our kids. Every parent knows them all too well. And that’s how Surprise Eggs World came to life.