ePerformax celebrates talent and 15 years in the industry

ePerformax held a job fair during their 15th anniversary celebration, and applicants were hired on the spot to become the company’s newest batch of recruits
It has been 15 years since ePerformax started its journey here in the Philippines as one of the pioneer companies that helped the country grow its contact center and BPO industry. Since then, ePerformax has grown to be the best performing contact center for their clients and the best place to work for their employees. It has always been the company’s vision to maximize the potential of every employee by giving them rigorous training and enough room to grow their career in the direction they choose. Now, ePerformax is gearing up for the future of the industry with confidence it can help employees evolve to the next level – to handle the increasingly more complex customer interactions for ePerformax’s clients. “We have accomplished what we set out to accomplish in the last 15 years,” ePerformax President and CEO, Teresa Hartsaw said to employees and their families during the company’s 15th Anniversary Grand Family Carnival. “You are the ones making ePerformax possible.”

ePerformax President and CEO, Ms. Teresa Hartsaw delivering her opening speech during the company’s 15th Anniversary Grand Family Carnival

What separates anyone working at ePerformax from everyone else in the industry is the company’s “PERFORM culture.” Our culture of performance maximizes everyone’s potential and provides opportunity for growth and career advancement. “I have seen a lot of people grow and have been fortunate to help them advance their careers,” ePerformax General Manager of its Global Communications & Management Academy, Justin Myers said. “I think that’s the key. We are looking for people who can perform, and we are looking for people who want to capitalize on their talent. We look for talented individuals and then we help them develop their global communications, consultative, leadership, and management skills.”

ePerformax’s 15th Anniversary event welcomed new trainees, celebrated tenured employees, and featured many employees’ talents and passion beyond their work. The afternoon started with a motorcade of floats designed and created by ePerformax employees from different departments and created a spotlight for each department’s nomination for the ePerformax Anniversary King and Queen. Once the parade floats arrived at the concert grounds, the Anniversary King and Queen contestants were asked tough questions in front of the audience of nearly 4,000. They were judged on their answers, composure, and confidence. Whether ePerformax employees are vying for the position of Anniversary King or Queen or resolving customer problems, ePerformax challenges employees to “deliver their best.”
ePerformax’s 15th Anniversary Grand Family Carnival featured the company’s talented teams who supported their bets for the Anniversary King and Queen, as shown with the elaborate costumes they wore 
During the ePerformax 15th Anniversary Grand Carnival at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, the company held a job fair for aspiring employees. Applicants were evaluated on site and were able to attend and participate in all of the festivities if they were invited to start training. Preparing candidates to apply for a client program at ePerformax is the training goal of the company’s Global Communications & Management Academy. “We probably have the longest training among other contact centers in the country today,” Justin Myers said. “Recruits must be willing to give us their potential, and they are assured we will provide them with the training they need to be successful. It is pretty much finding a diamond in the rough and creating a beautiful gem.”

The party was a grand celebration, but in another way, it was a kickoff. “In fact, I have been saying to everyone that after 15 years of hard work and success, it feels like we are at the beginning again with a lot of new technology and challenges. That’s why we must look toward the future,” Teresa emphasized. “Artificial Intelligence is advancing at such a rapid pace. It is increasing the self-service options and replacing basic representative functions. That’s both good and bad. Good for the customer because self-service is typically more efficient and good for the company because it is less expensive. The bad will be if the BPO industry does not evolve with the changing needs of the clients and customers, much of what we do today will no longer be a viable service. ePerformax is planning on being very viable by focusing on skill development at all levels of the company and adapting fast to these changes now, so we can continue to grow and celebrate our successes in the future.”
Six pairs of ePerformax’s most talented men and women battled it out to become the Anniversary King and Queen, who are now tasked to be the company’s ambassadors in supporting recruiting efforts for new talent to join the company (in photo L-R: Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Lindley; Anniversary Queen, ; President and CEO, Teresa Hartsaw; Anniversary King )
“This is a business of global professionals and the requirements for superior communication and performance are much higher than most professions out there,” Teresa emphasized. “We talk to people around the globe, helping them solve their problems. Most people have no idea how tough your job is,” to which all of the employees in attendance agreed with a resounding cheer at the statement. “It is a great job, but it is a tough job, and we’re going to prepare every one of you to be successful as the course of our industry evolves to the next level in partnership with Artificial Intelligence.” Teresa added. The evening was filled with more cheers as everyone watched all the talent segments. And it even got more exciting when the winners for the Anniversary King and Queen, eP’s Got Talent, and the Best Float were to be announced. All the winners stood proud for their co-workers as the crowd cheered on and got ready for the after-party.

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