3 Reasons Adults Should Still Play Together

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We think of playtime as being just for children but adults should be allowed to play too. When we get together, it’s easy to spend an evening chatting over drinks or chilling out in front of the TV but what if we got more creative with our leisure time?

Adults should be playing much more often whether it is on a sports team or doing challenges like an escape room or having fun with a night of poker. Play brings us closer together, it gives us an opportunity to talk about new things and develop ourselves and relationships. In fact, the more you think about it, the more obvious it seems that adults should be playing together too.
Do Something Different
As children, every day is different. We fill our time with games and imagination and exploration of our surroundings. As adults, we seem to forget about all the wonder in the world and continue doing the same old things time and again.

Playing games, whatever kind of games, is a chance to step out of our regular routine and do something different. When you play poker you have to control your emotions and try not to reveal your bluff; when you play a sport, you can to let your ambition and determination take over. Games give you the chance to do something different, but they also allow you to be someone different.
Bring Your Friends Together
In the age of social media, we have become lazy socializers. It is all too easy to like pictures and statuses and forget to actually talk to friends we’ve had for years. Then, when we do finally meet up, we have a tendency to do the same old stuff.

Arranging a specific activity is a much better way to make the most of your time together, especially if you have a young family and your time with your own friends is limited. Playing games will dissolve any awkwardness there might be after such a long time and will give you something to reconnect with too.  

The other good thing about games - especially those that make you take turns - is that it is unlikely that anyone will be accidentally left out. In large groups, it is quite easy for people to form smaller groups and completely fail to see everyone. Playing a game will bring everyone together and ensure that no-one gets drowned out by the noise.
Learn New Things
Of course, play is also about learning new things and activities like escape rooms or poker will certainly help you develop your logic and puzzle solving skills. There is now a bar in London that asks customers to solve problems in order to request a cocktail from the menu written in code!

As we understand more and more about constant learning its benefits, it seems that there are more and more reasons that playing shouldn’t just be a part of childhood, but should continue into adulthood as well. Free yourself from the constraints of your current life and enjoy yourself!


  1. I love playing games now that I'm older. I went through a stage where they weren't exciting enough. Thanks for posting!

  2. This is so true! I definitely think it is still so important for adults to play games and have fun together! :) Thanks for sharing.