What To Do With Your Old Shoes After Shifting To Height Increasing Shoes

Your success is pegged to personal qualifications and presentations. However, societal expectations have emerged as crucial pillars in defining how far you can go in career and other areas of personal lifestyle. The society is strongly biased against short men. This means that your application for an interview or promotion will easily get declined because of height. But this is no reason for failure. The answer is dress shoes that make you taller.
When you shift to elevator shoes, life changes instantly! Everything that was previously working against you will now shift to facilitating growth. To be more successful with make me taller shoes, you need to change personal lifestyle especially the footwear. From the shoes to wear to work, social places, and even during hiking, everything needs to change. This brings about one question; what do you do with the older shoes? Here are four things you can do with the shoes.

Turn them into elevator shoes with elevator inserts

Some of the shoes you have can be adjusted to become height increasing shoes through use of height increasing inserts. This method is preferred by many people because it is cheap, comfortable, and allows them to use shoes they are used to. Besides, you are able to make height adjustments gradual so that no one can discover your trick. Note that most shoe lift inserts are designed with high-quality materials that help to wick away perspiration, protect the feet, and guarantee utmost comfort.

Sell the shoes to recover some of their value

If the shoes are designed in a manner that you can use lift inserts, consider selling them to regain some value. You can visit used shoe stores for assistance. In most of the cases, the shoes are only used a few times in a month and look as good as new. You will be surprised to realize how much they can fetch when put on sale. Then, you can use the cash or add some more to buy the dress shoes that make you taller of choice.

Store them as reminders of great moments

In many cases, shoes are not just shoes. They act as important reminders of great moments that people had in life. For example, you might have grown dreaming of taking a trip to China to see the Great Wall of China or surfing in Hawaii. When your husband finally takes you there and buys you a pair of shoes, the pieces could be priceless pieces in your life. Therefore, do not throw them away. Store them well and even attach a story to them as a reminder.

Donate the shoes to the less privileged

Now that you have shifted to the men's high heel dress shoes, some of the older standard shoes will no longer be needed. Consider donating them to the less privileged. By donating the shoes, they will go a long way in helping other people to feel loved and valued. To further assist such less privileged people, you could also consider adding several pairs of new height increase shoes online.

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