Why It’s Crucial To Invest In The Health Of Your Teeth

Teeth are often one of those aspects of ourselves that get overlooked until something goes wrong. Having a healthy smile, however, has numerous benefits. With figures revealing how many adults have fillings and have to undergo extractions, there is a need to increase the need for oral health practices.

When you prioritise the health of your teeth, you can create a confident healthy smile plus save money on dental care. If you suspect you are having issues with your teeth and want to seek a dentist Alexandria residents rely on, there are several great options available. You can tackle preventative measures that save you a great deal of pain, hassle and money in the long run.


With the amount of processed sugar in people’s diets these days, it’s no wonder dental health is deteriorating. This is why it’s even more important to look after our teeth as soon as we can and know how to do it well. Moreover, adults will be able to avoid painful fillings, extractions and more that come with poor oral hygiene.

Doing so becomes especially important in later life when natural teeth have been kept in such great condition, the need for dentures can be prolonged.

Here are some more important reasons as to why you should keep your teeth clean:

1. To prevent plaque build-up

The more plaque you have, the more prone your teeth are to decay. Due to the amount of sugar in many common foods, there is always more chance that plaque can form and start triggering decay. Great oral hygiene and a good cleaning routine is crucial so that the amount of plaque on teeth and gums remains minimal. This way, bacteria will also be kept to a minimum and the need for fillings will be greatly reduced.

2. The importance of using fluoride when brushing

Using toothpaste containing fluoride is crucial as it can help add the minerals back to teeth which prevents cavities from forming. It stops plaque from forming and building up around the gums to reduce the chances of them becoming irritated and swollen. When things get bad, people can be at risk of infections and even abscesses which can only be treated using strong antibiotics. Eventually, the infection could lead to bone loss and eventual extraction.
Also the amount of acids we consume in our foods means that the fluoride we use in our toothpaste can help prevent the loss of minerals in our teeth. It’s even more important as our teeth become prone to this loss as we get older.

3. Keeping optimal health in check

Oral hygiene is also a good indication of our inner body’s health. The mouth is linked to various digestive processes not to mention the progression of unhealthy gums leading to more serious diseases. Things such as gum disease and periodontitis which are serious dental conditions, have been closely associated to things such as:

Ø  Diabetes
Ø  Heart issues and possibly heart disease
Ø  Osteoporosis

There are several more reasons as to why it’s crucial to maintain a good level of dental health. The above serves as a great guideline to how and why a healthy smile is so important.

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