How to Have a Perfect Family Night #MakeItGameDayEveryDay

Evenings might be the best possible time to spend quality moments in the warm envelopment of your family. Perhaps only the weekends are better, as most working and even stay-at-home parents have their hands full of chores, work, and errands during the workdays. So, how does one make the most out of the gift that is evenings? Truly, there are nothing your kids will treasure more than those amazing, seemingly trivial moments you spent with them, so make sure you grab every chance you get and give them the time of their life. Dear parents, stay tuned and find out.

The obvious choice

Since we all know that the main goal is for the kids to be happy, the first option is the kids’ obvious choice (most of the time) – playing with their favorite toys. There are times when kids want to play on their own but as parents, you are well-aware that the more frequent scenario will be their little hands stretched out to grab yours so you can be their devoted audience. Well, instead of simply watching them play and saying ‘well done’ whenever they ‘achieve something’, make sure you’re a part of the game. There are plenty of options that come from Goliath Games which are immensely fun, one of them being the Googly Eyes, which is actually designed to be a family game.  It is a fun twist on classic drawing games because of the vision-altering google eyeglasses that make it more challenging for everyone. The rules are simple enough for even a toddler to understand, and you are in for some serious fun as well, you just have to embrace your inner child and go with the flow. Greedy Granny is also one of the coolest and funniest game you can play with up to 4 family members. It is a fast-paced game in which players take a turn by spinning the mini wheel and steal granny's snack without waking Granny up.  There are loads of fun and learning games that might end up entertaining you as well, such as the Chinese Checkers or Like Minds, which aren’t only fun but also stimulating for the brain. 

Keep up with the times

As every parent knows, especially a millennial parent who themselves grew up during the rise of the Digital Age – kids simply love their gadgets. Of course, a time limit as to how many hours they should spend on electronic devices should definitely be implemented, but aside from that, it’s always good to make sure your kids are engaging in quality content, and if you can be a part of the game, all the better. That is the amazing thing about the turtle games. They can be played on your iPod or tablet, but they’re so much more than just a game. They’re incredibly educational and customizable and serve to improve memory and other cognitive functions, and they’re fun for the parents as well – admit it, you love your gadget time too.

Get messy

Yes, we know that the last thing you want to do after a long day creates a mess, but life is messy, and it gets cleaned up, so don’t worry about it too much. To that end, we suggest you organize a cooking night with your kids. This activity is great because even if the age difference between your kids is a bit bigger, it won’t matter – all kids love playing house. So, whether you’ll be making chocolate chip cookies or any other treats that might be your kids’ favorite, make sure you include them as well. Make a big deal about it, play music, delegate chores, put them in little aprons and tiny chef hats – the whole song and dance. Yes, some flour will be spilled and some eggs will be cracked, but it’s all worth it because it will be one of those nights you’ll all remember for as long as you live.

Movie night!

This is something that should definitely come back in style. Now, with everyone watching their own movies and series on their own devices, it seems that the magic of movie night has been lost, and it’s up to you to bring it back! Step one – pick a movie you love, you know your kids will find funny and the one that is age appropriate. Make a bunch of popcorn, put cozy cushions on the floor and comfy blankets so you can all bundle up. Your kids will ask you all kinds of questions about the movie, so try to be patient and explain everything without feeling annoyed – kids are inquisitive and they ask a lot of questions so you might as well get used to it even during movie nights.

The chain story

We probably saved the best for last. Ok, so the chain story goes like this. You sit around in a circle and you have to come up with a story. The person who goes first has to say a sentence. It can be anything like – ‘once upon a time’ and then the second person in the circle has to continue the story. The most entertaining and hilarious thing is that the story can go anywhere – there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ plot twists. It can end with ‘and then the (insert character) put on a ball gown and went to the soccer game’. Try it, you’re bound to love it and even more than that, you’ll discover just how creative and imaginative your kids are.


  1. These are great suggestions, thank you so much for sharing! We have family game night every week and it has really helped us come together as a family. :)

  2. What a lovely family and a great photo. Thanks for posting!

  3. My family is so important to me. We love having fun times and making memories. Thank you for sharing this great article