How To Support Your Elderly Parents

Looking after your elderly parents can be a real struggle. After so many years of them supporting you, it might be a shock to find that the tables have turned. However, it is essential that you rise to the challenge. Your parents are counting on you, so you don’t want to let them down. If you are wondering how to do right by your loved ones, you will need to read on. Hopefully, the following eight tips will help you to support your elderly parents in the best way possible.  
Update their living space
If your elderly parents are still living at home, you will need to update their living space. The next time you visit, you should keep your eyes peeled for any trip hazards. Perhaps there are some old carpets that are turned up at the corners. Or, maybe there is an unsteady bookshelf that is overladen with items. Instead of allowing these hazards to go unchecked, it is vital that you take control of the situation as soon as possible. You could even treat your parents to an interior design update. Why not introduce some mood-boosting colors, prints, and fabrics? You could also help to streamline their possessions so that they have less to take care of.

Encourage them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle
The next step is to encourage your parents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Why not speak with them about their diet? Perhaps they would appreciate you making them healthy meals to leave in their fridge-freezer? Another idea is to sign them up for a meal delivery service. Not only will this help them to follow a balanced diet, but it will also save them from the chore of preparing their dishes from scratch. Once you have their diet sorted, you should start talking about suitable exercise activities. Regardless of their age, it is never too late to get fit and active. You could even join in to provide some much needed moral support.

Invite them over for important occasions
In addition to visiting your parents, it is vital that you encourage them to get out and about. If they are worried about doing this alone, you should invite them over to your property. This is the perfect compromise, as they will be able to leave their home, without having to take any unnecessary risks. Although it will involve some extra effort, you should always include your parents on important occasions. Every family celebration, they should be a top priority. This will give them something to look forward to and will stop them from feeling isolated.

Get the grandkids involved
Another great way to achieve this is by getting the grandkids involved. If you are lucky enough to have children, you should be encouraging them to reach out to your parents. One option is to get your kids to help out with simple chores. Another option is to ask them to make something for your parents each week. This could be anything from a pretty picture to a handwritten note. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that there is a strong bond between the different generations of your family. Your parents will feel energized and inspired by their grandkids, and your children will learn an important lesson about respecting their elders. It really is a win-win situation!

Take a trip down memory lane
If you are concerned about the mental health of your parents, you should treat them to a regular trip down memory lane. Encouraging your elderly loved ones to engage with the past is a great way for you to strengthen their minds and to improve their mood. That is why you should get to work organizing your family photos. You could even set up a projector and put together a slideshow. Or, if you are tight on time, you could simply encourage your parents to talk about the past. You might be surprised by what they remember about your childhood and the years that you have spent together.

Teach them to be silver surfers
If you think that your parents are up to the challenge, you should try to teach them to be silver surfers. There is no better way for you to bring them into the twenty-first century, as everyone is online. Perhaps you have an old smartphone or tablet that you could pass onto your parents. Then, when they have mastered the basics, you could surprise them with a new model. This could provide your parents with the opportunity to connect with loved ones who live miles away. They could also enjoy playlists from their favorite musicians and stream television shows onto their devices.

Reach out for assistance
As your parents age, it will become much harder for them to hold onto their independence. However, this is an essential factor of remaining healthy, happy, and motivated. If you are determined to offer them the best of both worlds, you should go online for more info. With a team of expert caregivers on the side, your parents should be able to stay in their home, whilst receiving all of the care and support they need. Why waste these precious years worrying about the safety and happiness of your loved ones, when there is a way for you to give them everything they want?

Stay on top of their medical cabinet

Last but not least, you will need to stay on top of your parent’s medicine cabinet. If they are regularly taking tablets, vitamins, and supplements, it is vital that you stay in the loop. You also need to encourage your parents to structure their approach to taking medication, as this will prevent them from making any dangerous mistakes. You could do this by buying them a pill box that is separated into each day of the week. Then, every time you pay a visit, you could sort out their medication for them. Another option is to sign your elderly parents up for an online prescription service. This will save them the hassle of traveling to the local pharmacy and will ensure they never run out of the necessary supplies. 

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  1. It is really kind of scary getting old. I am in my sixties and I think of this often. I am also a nurse and I see what happens to alot of the elderly Thank you for sharing this great article