5 Signs You’re the Coolest Girl at the Office

At the office, there’s always this one go-to person. There’s always a guy or a gal who everyone likes, who the boss trusts, who the co-workers want to hang out with. We all want to be that person – someone with buckets of charm, with an easy grin, with a clever quip for every situation. Are you that girl? Do you have that kind of personal magnetism that draws people in? Let’s check!

You’re always calm

It’s not about acting like a stone; it’s about emotional stability, about exuding confidence and competence. You keep a cool head in tense situations, you don’t let anyone sway you or pull your strings, and you don’t feel the need to be loud to make your thoughts and ideas known. Rational, clever, and entirely aware of your own skills, you never beg and whine to get your way. People feel like they can rely on you because you’re always ready to sit down and find a solution to a problem rather than get angry that things aren’t working as smoothly as anticipated.

You know how to say ‘no’

While eagerness to get the job done and advance your career is always desirable, being a pushover is the exact opposite of that. If everyone can just dump their responsibilities on you without you complaining, if you’re too afraid to say no to something, if you just don’t know how to stand up to people, then you won’t get any respect. Be very polite, but firm, and know your limits. Learn to recognize when someone is trying to take advantage of your good will and put a stop to it.

You’ve got style

From your outfit to your hair, you know how to dress for the office and be professional without looking drab. Neatly pressed clothes, natural-looking makeup, the perfect poise as you walk, and even the way you ride into work indicate a lot about your personality. It’s not about big expensive cars at all. A cool girl will ride to work on a cruiser longboard and impress everyone because she’s got the skills for it and because she cares about the environment. It’s not the shoes or your gold jewellery, it’s staying true to your own style and being completely unapologetic about it.

You know how to lighten up any situation

Humour is always one of the best character traits to possess, especially in the office environment. A good joke, an easy laugh, some teasing, and you can lighten up any situation. In a place where things tend to be very serious and stressful, people will always gravitate towards those who know how to make others feel better. A relaxed attitude and a good sense of humour are truly priceless, but even beside that, simply being positive and rooting for others, wishing them well can really make people like you a lot more.

You’re real

You approach every person and situation in a very similar manner. While you might be more reserved and respectful with your boss, you do treat them as an equal and you never pretend you’re something that you’re not. People are work always pick up when someone is trying to suck up to a higher up, and no one really likes that. Whether it’s a colleague, a manager, or a CEO, you stay true to your unique personality and don’t change just to fit someone else’s idea of perfection.

Recognize yourself in all of these? Then you’re a certifiable Cool Girl and all you need to do is rock on! If not, don’t worry! Now that you know what to look out for, you can let go of your fears and embrace a better you. As long as you leave room for personal growth, you’ll always be cool.

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  1. Ever person has the right to say no . Don't be afraid and if you are then yeah out for help. If you can get something to knock the sob out.