5 Common Shoe Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Shoe shopping should be a fun, carefree activity and not something to stress about. However, if we make a mistake and are forced to wait in line in order to return our beautiful shoes that is when the stress starts. A lot of time we prefer to wear the slightly uncomfortable footwear just to avoid the procedure of returning the purchase.

Now, in order to prevent this unpleasant situation from happening here is a list of five most common shoe shopping mistakes along with great pieces of advice on how to avoid them

The wrong size

You have found your dream shoes but they are either too big or too small. At that moment you think to yourself, well it is just half a size, that can't be such a problem, I can barely feel the difference. Well, you will. If you buy shoes that are too big, even if it is just half a size, they won’t provide your feet with the necessary support, your foot will move around and you are at risk of damaging your joints. Now, on the other hand, buying a pair that is too small can cause pain after you walk around in them for longer periods of time and you can be sure that you are subscribing for calluses and painful feet after you take them off.

Advice: Follow the shoe size chart carefully and don’t buy the wrong size. Wait for the store to get yours or order online. And if you have already purchased ones that are too big, consider getting shoe fillers so as to make them fit.
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Too good to be true

You have seen your dream shoes in the store window, but before you rush in to buy them consider the following - can you wear them. If a 10-inch heel is something you don’t have experience wearing you can bet that that pair won’t see the light of day because they will be too hard to walk in. You want to look gracious walking in your new shoes and not like you are about to fall with every shaky step you take.

Advice: Take the page from Australian women’s book and opt for a similar version that will provide you more comfort. For women in Australia, it is all about comfort so when buying women's shoes in Australia, online is the place to be. There is a vast selection of different styles that will give you the same look just a higher level of comfort and maybe a few inches shorter heel.

Hoping for a miracle

This is one of the most common mistakes that women make when buying shoes. If they are uncomfortable in the shop they will be uncomfortable at home. We tend to tell ourselves that they will stretch, or that right now our feet are swollen and it will get better. Or that we are just wearing the wrong socks. All these excuses tend to make us buy the completely wrong pair of shoes that never, ever become comfortable.

Advice: Trust your first reaction, and try different size or width of the same model. Don’t settle. There is no guarantee that your feet will be less swollen or that a different type of socks will help, your shoes need to feel comfortable from the moment you put them on.

Not minding the color

One of the more common mistakes when it comes to shoe shopping is focusing only on the shoe design and color and not what you can wear them with. You already have your style and a wardrobe full of outfits so it is important to buy shoes that you can combine with multiple pieces from your selection.

Advice: Make a list. Before you go shoe shopping make a list of colors and materials you can combine with your wardrobe, and then see if the pair that has caught your eye fits. That way you will make sure that they won't just sit in your closet waiting for you to buy that one outfit you will be able to combine them with.

Getting the wrong design

Just like there are different body types there are different feet types. Some have heightened arches, some are wider, some narrower and some are supinated. Now all of o these characteristics affect how comfortable certain shoe styles are and if we can wear them at all.

Advice: Get to know your foot type with all its characteristics, that way you'll immediately know which shoes to eliminate and which models have potential. It will save you both time and money to know which one fit just right.

So there you are, the mistakes and great ways to avoid them. Hopefully, this will make your shoe shopping a lot easier and relaxing. And let’s be honest a girl can never have too many shoes!

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