How to Make Your Style More Personal #hthu #hthumy

Just taking something you see on a manikin in a shop window and wearing it as is, is not what a true fashionista does. There is no personal style if you are just copying the latest trends with disregard to your body shape, hair color, and even skin tone. A true fashion lover knows how to take the latest styles and make them their own, with the right combos an accessories.

And If you need a bit of help getting there, here are some great tips on how to personalize your fashion statements.

Invest in your style


Every fashionista's wardrobe needs several local artists and fashion designer pieces that can elevate every look. This is what it’s important to include in your fashion designer wardrobe so that you can have those stunning pieces that will present the basis of your style. You can check out online shops like HTHU, an online platform for Malaysia fashion designer and also the artist that offers art pieces that transform into t-shirts, accessories and other artist's masterpiece. They also have a styling service which we can actually groom you up using your own budget.

Now, you don’t have to go and spend all of your paychecks on designer pieces, but making an investment every now and then is a must if you want to keep your wardrobe fresh and in style. The way you combine those pieces with the rest of your wardrobe is what will give them that personal touch and make them truly shine.

Don’t overlook your activewear

If you are a dedicated fashion enthusiast you’ll want to look good at every given moment, and that means at the gym as well. So take a page from the Aussie girls, and make that treadmill your runway. You can find a fantastic selection of sports bras online in Australia, so make them your starting piece that will serve as inspiration for the rest of your outfit. Add some fun colors, mix and match brands and designs, activewear should be fun and cheerful so that you get inspired to work out even more.

Choose some signature pieces

If you want to have a recognizable personal style, you should choose some signature pieces that you can include in each and every outfit you combine. That could be a scarf, a badge or a statement necklace. Something that will catch people’s eye and make you unforgettable. This is something that requires time and careful consideration since these pieces need to fit well with most of your outfit choices, and if not incorporated correctly you might be headed for a true fashion disaster.

Use your lifestyle as inspiration

Our career can at times dictate what we need to wear, and it is important that even in those situations we are able to get our personal style to shine through. If your wardrobe is dominated by business suits and cocktail dresses, put your mark by choosing unique colors and patterns that complement your body the best. You can always be flirty with bold silk scarves and stunning pairs of shoes. That way you will be respectful of your company's dress code but still, add your personality into the mix. On the other hand if you are not bound by corporate dress code you have a lot more freedom of style, however, it is important to keep in mind what it is you are striving for. So remember the old saying “Dress for the career you want, not the one you have”, so even if your style stands out from the rest of your colleagues, you know what you are striving for.

There you have it, some simple yet effective tips on how to make your fashion style more personal. So remember, it all starts from you, who you are and who you want to be, and fashion is a means to help you there, and the more personalized and unique your style is the more likely you will stand out from the crowd. This does not mean you should go for unfattery, cliché looks, rather for an upgraded version of the current fashion trends that are suitable for the environment you work and live in.


  1. I totally agree with all the four points you mentioned. I recently attended a styling event. The designer mentioned that it's better to do mix and match instead of having the usual terno to be unique!

  2. Those are some solid tips. The tip about not to overlook the activewear is so on point. Many girls tend to overlook that and go with a normal jeans but I reckon its better to go with the proper active wear for sports.

  3. I’m loving these awesome tips to make my style more personal.. I struggle with this so I can use all the help that I can get. Daisy

  4. I've been trying invest in more signature pieces and flush out some of my wardrobe more x

  5. Great and awesome tips, I love the idea of choosing some signature pieces because just of recent my invested more on it

  6. I totally agree with you if you are dedicated fashion enthusiast you wanna look good every time .I do that and I really loved your advice .

  7. I am a huge fan of adding unconventional pieces of clothing into chic and classic outfits, such as activewear pieces. Just by adding knee high boots or ankle boots can change an outfit completely.

  8. Dang.. I don't do anything of these things and that probably why I always feel at a loss whenever I try to find something to wear for certain occasions. Amazing tips!! And something I need to consider to step my fashion game up )

  9. I love the idea of signature pieces. I've even known some women to have a signature color, which is super fun to have. <3