How To Get The Hotel Bathroom Feel At Home

We all know how the bathrooms in hotel rooms are usually better than anything we have at home. However, nothing is stopping the average family from creating something similar. You just have to make sure you have enough money to invest in the project. Today, I’m going to highlight some ideas you might like to consider. Of course, I realize that most of you are not going to install a new bathroom without assistance. For that reason, the first step focuses on getting the best deals from established suppliers. I’ll also mention some advice about getting the upmarket aesthetic you love in hotel bathrooms.

Pay for a new suite
Before you do anything else, you’ll have to replace your old bathroom furniture with something new. Many different specialists all over the country offer bathroom packages to suit every taste. So, you just need to search online for visit some local stores until you find the ideal design. It’s sensible to opt for something in a light color because you want to make sure the room seems as big as possible. Darker colors can make it look like you have less available space. Once you find something you like, make the purchase and pay for professional installation.

Install a powerful flat head shower
The best thing about hotel bathrooms is always the quality of the shower. Thankfully, anyone can purchase one of those products from reputable suppliers these days. Sure, you might have to spend a couple of hundred dollars to get the best brand. However, it’s worth the expense if it means you can recreate the hotel shower experience at home. Again, you might have to pay for installation unless you have experience with plumbing. The last thing you want to do is flood your home and cause lots of expensive damage. You should also ensure the shower space is big enough for two people. After all, the ones you’ve encountered in hotels are probably huge.

Make use of mirrors and light
Most hotel bathrooms make excellent use of light and mirrors. They assist in creating the type of ambiance I mentioned in a recent post about bedrooms. That can help to make the room seem larger than it is. However, it can also make it appear more luxurious than it otherwise would have done. Fit a large mirror to the wall facing your shower for the best results. You should then buy some LED spotlights for the ceiling. Sinking your fittings into the roof is a wise move because the bulbs will shine directly downward. That will make anything under the lights twinkle if you keep the surfaces clean.

For the full hotel bathroom experience, you should make sure there are always high-quality towels available. Egyptian cotton is a common material used in high-end products of that nature. Hang a thick dressing gown on the back of the door too. That way, you will never get caught short if you have to dive out of the shower for some reason. A small ceramic sink with artistic design can also add an elegant touch which perfects your interior style. Also, make sure you choose luxury tiles for the floor if you can afford to spend the money and can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of the room.

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  1. Some of the bathrooms in hotels are incredible. Great tips , especially making use of the mirrors and light. I never thought of that .