How Protecting Your Vehicle Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Many drivers neglect regular maintenance because they assume their cars are running just fine. While using auto bras and seeing a mechanic regularly may cost a little upfront, they will save you a ton of money over the years. It may cost less than $100 to buy a car bra, but it is worth it when you avoid scratches that could amount to over $1,000 in damages.  

Maintain Resale Value

As soon as you drive a car off the lot, you can expect its value to drop considerably right off the bat. However, you can retain a good portion of its value through regular maintenance. Keep receipts of all repairs you get done. When the time comes to sell, you can show that documentation to prospective buyers to show them this car was well-maintained. You can get more money for your older car and put those funds toward a brand-new vehicle.

Increase Gas Mileage

A well-maintained vehicle also saves you money at the pump. Simple actions such as never driving faster than 45 miles per hour and avoiding rapid acceleration cause your vehicle to use less fuel. You can also reduce the amount of weight inside your car. Removing boxes and other objects in the trunk can help your vehicle get a few more miles out of a full tank.

Keep the Warranty

Most new cars come with warranties that will cover the cost of certain repairs. However, many warranties become null and void if you neglect routine maintenance. If a certain piece of damage, such as engine failure, is a result of you failing to give your vehicle regular oil changes, then the warranty may not help you.

Ultimately, little things like custom made car covers and exterior polishes will keep your car looking great. Your vehicle is an investment, so protect it with the help of California Car Cover.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these tips! With such busy lives, we sometimes tend to neglect our cars and then end up wishing we had when something goes wrong. Keeping everything maintained and checked properly can save us a lot of trouble!