How to improve your skin

Unfortunately, your busy daily life could be wreaking havoc on your skin, causing early aging and wrinkles. Factors such as pollution, stress, smoking and poor diet can all turn that youthful glow into a dry and dull complexion. In fact, even some of your lifestyle choices could be causing stress and damage to your skin. Even if you religiously follow and stick to a three-step skincare routine, this alone can’t keep your skin looking youthful and bright. However, getting better skin is simpler than you might think. Why not make a few changes that will help you look and feel much better? These easy tips can help you to get better, brighter skin now. 

Rest up
It may sound obvious, but our bodies need a certain amount of high-quality sleep in order to function. A lack of shuteye could also mean that your body isn’t managing to complete an essential number of biological processes that occur during sleeping hours. So if you aren’t tucked up in bed at a reasonable time, then it’s time to make a change if you want to improve your complexion. Your puffed-up eyes and dull complexion will soon be a thing of the past. If you find it hard to drift off, then try enjoying a caffeine-free warm drink before bedtime and get rid of any distractions, including cell phones, from your bedroom.

Keep hydrated
Do you feel that your skin looks tired and wrinkly? You might not be drinking enough water. If you find that the skin around your eyes puckers this can be a sign that your skin is in need of some much-needed moisture. Be sure to choose water or herbal teas over sugar-laden sodas or alcohol, as these will help you to rehydrate and provide your skin with the water that it needs. Plus, drinking more water has a huge number of benefits for the rest of your body too, including helping with weight loss and even muscle repair after workouts.

Check your lifestyle choices
Poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol could be damaging your relaxed, healthy glow as soon as you get it. If you are a smoker, then you might not know that it causes a breakdown in collagen, leading to wrinkling and premature aging. An electronic cigarette is a good alternative if you are trying to cut down, plus you can even buy flavors online such as Mt Baker Vape naked fish vape. Check your diet and lifestyle choices, and your skin will soon be glowing!

Take your Makeup off at bedtime
No matter what time you get home, be sure that you take time to cleanse and tone your face as part of your bedtime routine. If you don’t get rid of your makeup, a build-up of dirt and grime could even result in spots and wrinkles. Try using a facial wipe if you are short on time, and make sure that you choose the right wipe for your skin type – as sensitive skin types can soon become dry or even irritated. 

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  1. These are great tips! I need to drink more water!