The Function of Home: Four Areas to Improve for Greater Livability

Your home is your haven, but when it doesn’t work for you, it can be a difficult relationship to deal with. Instead of becoming frustrated, become inventive. There are ways to bring function into any home to transform how you live. From extra storage to adding functionality to a room that you might have previously left untouched, here are the top four tips for making every room work for you:

1.      Revamping Your Storage Areas
Closets typically have a lot of unused space that is being wasted. Simple hacks can greatly improve their function, for instance getting shelving or installing pull-out drawers within your closet space. If you truly need more space for items, however, you can find books in your home and add custom closets. That way you can add storage without interrupting the flow of your home. Add this storage, and you’ll feel more comfortable in your home immediately.

2.      Do More with Your Garage
Garages are often one of two things: they are either a place where boxes of items go that you don’t want in your home, or they are barren and used to park your vehicles. Instead of opting for these two extremes, combine the two. Adding shelving and wall hooks can allow you to store items with ease while still giving you enough room to park. That way you can have all your tools and decorations stored away neatly, while still having enough room to park your car. Of course, though, what is a garage without a nice car to park within it? Look for many cost-effective ways to upgrade your car; for instance, you can find a beautiful used Mazda CX-3, which will complement your new garage.

3.      Kitchen Hacks for the Happy Cook
A happy kitchen is an organized kitchen. So, on top of adding more storage to the living areas of your home like the bedrooms, you should also consider revamping your cupboards. Adding shelves and drawers can maximize the space you have while adding items like towel rails or glass holders can make the most of the cupboard space you have.

4.      The Benefits of Backyard Sheds
If you have a backyard, you likely have a lot of upkeep. Of course, while you can store all of this equipment in the garage, having an outdoor shed can relieve some of the storage requirement. This is particularly important if you have two vehicles you want to park. When your garage space isn’t enough, add a backyard shed. The neater it is, the more useful you will find it. Add shelving, wall hooks, and have a system so that you can store everything effectively. Just remember that both outdoor sheds and garages could see outdoor pests get in, so use hard plastic containers that snap shut to keep them out of the more delicate items you have in storage. 

The function of your home should never be underestimated. You would never buy a one-bedroom apartment when you have a family, and similarly, you shouldn’t have to deal with a home that doesn’t have the space you need. Before you look to sell, however, try fixing it up so that your home can suit your needs once more. 

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