Katie Piper’s new book

Since a brush with death a decade ago, Katie Piper is a woman who has proved herself to be unstoppable. Not only has she built a successful career as a TV presenter and model, shes also a kind-hearted philanthropist whos written several best-selling books. Is there anything this woman couldnt do if she put her mind to it?

Now Katies newest book is due out on February 22nd, and its co-authored with her mother, Diane Piper. Titled From Mother to Daughter: The Things Id Tell My Child,” Katie says in the publishers’ blurb:

Whether you're becoming a mum for the first time or you have children who are growing up faster than you could have ever imagined, motherhood can feel like the most joyful and yet the most daunting of times. But you're not alone.

From the moment I knew my first baby was a girl I started to plan, hope and dream. I couldn't wait to experience that special bond, but I wondered how I'd feel about being a working mum, how I'd hold on to the person I am.

I also knew that the world has changed so much since I was growing up. What advice, values and role models would help give my daughter the confidence and strength to cope with all that might come her way - and to give her an open mind and warm heart?

This is my journey in motherhood: my experiences, hopes and fears - with my mum's stories of raising me, a parenting expert's advice and empowering exercises - to guide you from those first wobbly moments to being a happy, healthy mum and raising children who aren't afraid to be themselves - and to go for the life they want.

The book is based on themes of motherhood, with Katie and her mum discussing what people learn as a mother and the things they would tell their daughters. Most of all, the publishers say, it's Katie and Diane Piper's celebration of the incredible power of mother-daughter relationships.

Its not the first book that Katie has written - in fact, she has a string of bestsellers under her belt already. The autobiographical Beautiful”, “Things Get Betterand Beautiful Ever Afterare joined by Start Your Day With Katie: 365 Affirmations for a Year of Positive Thinking, a successful self-help book.

Katie first rose to fame after speaking out about her experiences as the victim of an acid attack by a former partner. The cowardly attack left her badly scarred and needing regular surgeries, but Katies positive attitude and bravery shone through in interviews to make her something of a national treasure. Now regularly doing presenting work for ITV and others, shes a mum of two to boot.

Katie Piper’s new book is available in print and as an audiobook on February 22nd, 2018, making it a great time to book her. As a confident and bubbly presenter, shes available for all sorts of presenting work for events of all sizes. Shes also a highly recognizable and much-loved face who would be the perfect brand ambassador for all sorts of products and services. If youd like to hire a celebrity like Katie, get in touch with us here at MN2S to see how we can help.

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  1. This sounds like a very inspiring and touching book. Will read it when I get the chance! Thanks for sharing!