Creating A Guest Room Your Guests Won't Want To Leave

It might not be the most often used of rooms in the home, but when it’s time to shine, it matters more than any other room. Inviting a friend or relative over to stay can be ruined by a guest room that just doesn’t live up to the level of hospitality that you’re hoping to provide. So, here we’re going to look at the fundamental factors of what makes a great overnight stay experience and the little mistakes you can avoid that can turn things awkward and even unpleasant.

Cleanliness and comfort come first
This should be obvious. Just because it’s a guest room doesn’t mean that you can skimp on essentials like the bed and bedclothes. Quality mattresses and duvets are essential, alongside a healthy helping of pillows for them to adjust comfort levels as they see fit. The bed has to feel clean, too. You might not necessarily use a mattress topper, yourself. However, if your guest gets into a bed without one, they might be uneasy about just how fresh and clean the bed actually is. Cleanliness goes beyond having dust and making everything neat. It’s a good idea to keep guest room décor relatively minimal. You can put some personal effects or a beautiful piece of art to make an attractive focal point. However, if it’s full of little bits and bobs, it can really feel too much like “someone else’s home” for your guest to relax and feel at home, themselves.
Allow plenty of privacy
Though it might be your home, it’s the place where your guest is going to do their unwinding, undressing, sleeping, and waking up. They needed to feel that they’re adequately private in there and isolated from not just the outside world but from you too. This starts with choosing the right window treatments, of course. It’s best to offer different layering options to make them feel as at-ease a possible, putting big curtains over comprehensive blinds. But it might be a good idea to add a screen to the interior of the room, somewhere that they can get dressed. That way they won’t be worried about having to rush in and out of clothes at the risk of anyone walking in them. You can always add a simple lock on the inside of the door, too.

Fit a dressing area in there
Your guest might like to spend some time getting ready in the morning before they show their face. No-one wants to wake up in someone else’s home with bed hair, amongst other little signs of a good sleep. A full dressing area behind that screen, with a vanity mirror and a place to sit and relax as they get ready and put their face on can do a lot of good.
Every little help
It’s your home, so when you need something, it’s easy for you to flit from room-to-room to find it. For your guests, it might not be that easy. For one, they don’t know where everything. Secondly, if they’re up late or they wake up first, they don’t want to wander around the home at the risk of disturbing you or anyone who lives with you. For that reason, give them everything they need to feel at ease and well-supplied in the guest room. A bedside clock is crucial, for one. As is some task lighting by or over the bed in case they feel like a nighttime read. Little empty storage space can help, too. No matter what you provide, have a card ready at the bedside to give them instructions on where they can find what they’re looking for. If you don’t mind it, you can also take the opportunity to let them know they’re free to use the rest of the home if they wake up before you.

Don’t forget the bathroom
Whether you have a separate bathroom or an en-suite connected to the guest room, you have to spend plenty of time making sure that it is spick and span. Everyone likes to have a shower and brush their teeth in the morning, after all. Having a bathroom with even a little dirt is much more noticeable to someone who doesn’t use it often. To make the bathroom exceptional and with class, install a bidet seat so your guess will feel refresh every time they used the toilet. Make them feel more comfortable, so you should also leave out a tray of soaps, shampoos, bubble baths and so on with another card letting them know they’re free to use what they like.
With the tips above, you should end up with a guest room that rivals any hotel. Before too long, you’ll be looking for tips on how to get people who have overstayed their welcome out of the home.

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