Easy Ways to Convince Yourself That You’re in Need of a Renovation

Let’s face it; when was the last time you told yourself a little lie just to convince the logical part of your brain that you needed to spend more money? Buying groceries? Surely you don’t need that expensive-looking dessert but… since it’s on sale, why not–right? What about those fancy shoes you bought the other day? Well, they’re for an upcoming party that you’re going to, and you don’t want to show up in the same pair you wore to the last party, do you?

Sure, these little lies can end up costing us a lot of money, but they do make us feel great, don’t they? Spending money might be a bad habit for some but for others, it’s a good way to feel better about ourselves and seeing the fruits of our work can be a brilliant motivational boost.

It’s because of that reason that some people just can’t get enough of renovating their home. There’s nothing quite like coming back home and seeing parts of your home changed entirely. Even if it’s something as small as rearranging the furniture, the feeling you get when you walk into an unfamiliar home can put a smile on your face instead of coming home to the same four walls every day for a year or longer.

And to help you get that feel-good sensation everytime you get home, we’ve put together a couple of tips that will help you convince yourself that you’re in need of a renovation.

It’s about time you replaced those eye-gouging colours

Look, we all make mistakes now and then. Sometimes, those mistakes can be small such as making an error in a document at work or forgetting to plug in your phone before you go to bed. However, there are also times where we’ll think that painting our room in a bold red colour is a good idea and then we neglect to ever scrape it off or replace it with a much more subtle and comforting tone.

DIY enthusiasts all have an embarrassing project that they don’t want to talk about and the most common one is painting walls or entire rooms in a strange shade or doing a terrible job that makes the entire room look ridiculous. If you’re sick and tired of walking into a room in your home that reminds you of your lack of DIY and design skills, then it’s time to spend some money to get it fixed up so that it doesn’t remind you of bad times anymore.

Time is money, and that’s why we pay contractors to do the job for us

Renovations are often thought of as something that we personally need to take care of. We usually think “oh, maybe I should finally add a couple of extra shelves” or “perhaps I’ll take some days off to repaint the house”. Sadly, once we finally source all of the materials and take a couple of days off work just to work on our renovation idea, we’ll find that we severely underestimated the time it took and we’ll end up returning to work with a half-done room. Not ideal. To remedy this, hire a contractor or speak with a designer instead.

  • It’s much safer to get an expert. As much as people love to be handy with their own homes, it’s important to draw a line with common sense. Want to climb up on your roof to fix a few shingles that you’ve noticed have come loose? Don’t put your life at risk. Call Wildwood Roofing and Construction or a similar contractor to help you out. No matter how big or small the task is, a contractor is always going to be worth your money. Want to fix some electrical sockets? Don’t be foolish. You could seriously injure yourself and it might even be fatal if you’re not sure what you’re doing.
  • You save a lot of time and money. You're going to save a lot of time and money by hiring a contractor. You don’t need to buy tools and you don’t need to spend money on materials.
  • You don’t need to take time off work. And since you don’t need to take time off work, you’ll end up making more money that can be put towards paying for the renovation!
  • You won’t have leftover tools and materials. Another good point to keep in mind is that you won’t have any leftover tools and materials laying around doing nothing after your renovation.
  • You’ll get expert advice. Whether it’s design advice or practical advice on what is and isn’t possible with a renovation, you should always appreciate the wisdom of an expert contractor.
  • You can get renovations you wouldn’t be able to do yourself. Would you be foolish enough to excavate your basement with a shovel? Didn’t think so. There are some renovations that just can’t be done by yourself.

Your comfort is important

No matter what renovation you propose, it’s important to remember that your comfort is paramount. Whether it’s giving yourself a comfortable place to cook meals or investing in a spa-like bathroom to help you unwind after a day at your stressful job, you need to focus on giving yourself a comfort boost to help you mentally and occasionally physically.

Renovations should be seen as a way to enable a better lifestyle that can promote better health and comfort. If you care about your health and you want to do every little thing that you can in order to improve it, then you should be more than willing to put the money down for a renovation. This is perhaps the best way to convince yourself that you’re due for a home improvement.

In short, while telling yourself a lie such as “I really need a new kitchen because I can’t make cakes with this oven” might seem like going overboard, there are plenty of good renovations that can boost your wellbeing and it won’t take much to convince you.

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