Office Decor Enhancements on a Budget - A Guide

As a clumsy home affects mood, a tidy office also leads to a tidy mind. No matter what is the size and type of the office you are maintaining, the office environment plays an immense role in impressing the customers and improving the employee morale.  When customers, clients, and guests enter a well-decorated office they immediately know the class and quality you maintain, and it becomes easier for you to crack tough business deals. Your employees also feel relaxed in the cozy ambiance and deliver their best.

It is no secret that it requires money to boost up an office. However, it does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on improving the office decor.  There are plenty of ways to enhance the office decoration by incorporating the right decor element. These cost-effective solutions let you have a warm and inviting office space. Before you start improving your office, read these ideas that take less time to execute than going through the details.

Clear the clutter

Clearing the clutter is the first step to improving the office decor. Having many things in the office conveys a bad message. So, only have the things that you need frequently. Of course, you need not toss everything out. You have to hide them effectively so that those do not become an eyesore. You can also use decorative fabrics for hiding the storage.

Include air freshener

Studies reveal that pleasing scents influence the behavior of the people. Including an air freshener with a nice refreshing aroma make the office awesome besides improving performance and productivity. This will also improve the quality of air. Better to create a signature scent for enlivening the office.

Define space with area rugs

Coming in a variety of color and style, area rugs can do wonders for upgrading an office with their multiple benefits. Aside from introducing amazing color and design in the office space, these also help to reduce noise, provide warmth and comfort and also deliver anchor effects to the chairs and sofa. Use these to mark the guests waiting zone in an office space.

Have something quirky

A warm, welcoming, and functional office space also conveys the spirit of the business. Accent the office space with some quirky items to enhance the office decor. This need not be a costly thing, get something handmade, or an antique is great for improving the office space. Better avoid inspirational quotes. These are too much common. You may download a digital photo and personalize it by cropping, zooming and adding effects. It serves well as a one-of-a-kind art piece.

Accent with throw pillows

The present trend is to make the office space look like homes and placing throw pillows on the sofa is a great way to achieve that. Available in a myriad of designs and colors these can make the waiting area more comfortable for the visitors and help them to feel relaxed and content while they have a long waiting ahead.

Bring the outdoors in

Natural scenery helps to be creative. Change the sitting arrangement and, as far as possible, let everyone sit facing the window. Having a glimpse of the natural landscape your customers will be pleased.

Creating fake window helps

Posters of outdoor sceneries are readily available. Get one that inspires you, and hang it on the wall where there is no window. Build a matching window frame to put over the picture. This will no doubt improve the office.

Illuminate the office space

Lighting can make a place look elegant. Studies also reveal that lighting helps to improve performance.  Change conventional hanging fluorescent lights, and shift to indirect lighting. For this, you have to hide the light source and illuminate the office with reflected light from the ceiling for creating a nice ambiance.  You can also opt for zonal lighting.

Incorporate an artwork

Artworks play havoc in improving the office decoration.  Nothing is better than creating your artwork. If that is not possible, hang something that has depth. This will enliven the office space.

Mirrors elevate a space

Other than the wall arts, hanging decorative mirrors on the wall can drastically change the look of any office. Mirrors reflect light that adds to the illumination. Wall-to-wall mirrors help to look the space larger than its real size.

Create a standing desk

Sitting long hours glued to the screen has many ill effects on the employees. Create standing desks, at no additional cost, by placing the computer on the bookshelf so that people can do their work standing.

 Add fake greens

Humans have a psychological connection with nature. Modern fake greens are exact replications of their live cousins. Including faux landscaping elements in the office, creates nice focal points and delivers a calm and soothing work environment.

Use 3D wall panels

Blank walls make an office space dull and drab. Using 3D wall panels is a great way for boosting up an office interior. Coming in a plethora of designs and styles, these can make your office look elegant and classic. Wall panels are available in plenty of varieties including Acrylic panel, Bricks panel, Fabric panel, Glass panel, Gypsum panel, Leather panel, MDF panel, Metal panel, Plastic panel,  Stone panel and Wooden panel. These are easy to install and can also be cleaned easily. Other than embellishing the walls these also provide thermal & acoustic insulation, also help to hide the wall flaws. Modular wall panels in 7 collections with more than 160 designs using 6 core materials. These are great for decorating the walls and also for defining spaces. You can choose these based on collection, material, theme, uses, and types to suit your specific d├ęcor needs. Their range of products includes acoustic panels made using Soundcore acoustic fiber and PoshFelt 100% wool felt with LEED certification. The wall panels are inert to chemicals and moisture ingress.  Other than paneling walls, the 3D wall panels can also be used for improving the ceiling and creating a focal point in the office space.

A home office definitely has its advantages, but if you need to host a client meeting and want to create a more professional image, you can always hire a meeting room or office space in Manila for the day.

You can often hire by the hour, so it’s not too expensive and that way you can keep your home address private.

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