How Glass Components Can Add Value to Your Property

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Every change you make to your property, you want it to add value. From a new boundary fence to a hot tub, from a new bathroom to a modern kitchen, every change and modification needs to be appropriate for your property.

You want it to speak volumes to potential buyers – modifications need to be practical and add more function to your home but you also want them to make your property more desirable.

It is the small details that make your property stand out over and above others for sale in the same price range.

The Power of Glass

The beauty of glass is that it can look so much more than what it is. With minimal yet stylish glass clamps, an ordinary shelf can become a delightfully appealing glass shelf. The ordinary balustrade in the hallway can become a glass balustrade.

Turn the ordinary into the extra ordinary with glass and this is how by doing so, you add value and desirability to your property.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is a busy room. It needs to look modern, functional and make the best use of space. It also needs to be clean – and it needs to be easy to keep clean.

Hygiene in the bathroom is of the highest importance and so, any materials used need to be wiped clean quickly. Glass is the ideal solution.

Glass and its fixing components can withstand steam and heat both from constant showers and baths, as well as from cleaning solutions such as steam cleaners. It is also impervious to the harsh actions of chemical cleaning solutions although, it rarely needs to be ‘scrubbed’ clean. A damp cloth and a gentle cleaning solution is all that is needed.

Glass Doors and Partitions

There is also a minimal appeal to glass that makes it the ideal solution for a partition wall as well as doors.

Worried about privacy? Opt for frosted glass that give it an opaqueness that is the ideal solution for any wall or door. There is also a new interior design style on the block, known as hyper-minimalism where all traditional partition walls are made from glass, with voile panels and curtaining used as privacy guards, as and when needed.

Don’t forget, successfully selling a property is about selling a lifestyle to potential buyers. If glass partitions would be out of place in your property, it will make it hard to sell. But in other properties, where the style is clearly the selling factor, glass can be the material that clinches the deal.

Glass Staircases

Glass staircases – including treads and balustrades – add a certain wow factor. The best bit is, the stairs in most homes tend to be the first thing that the buyer will see as they enter a property.

This wow factor has them hooked and their view the rest of the property in an equally favourable light.

One of the reasons why glass works so well in a staircase or hallway balustrade is light itself. The hallway is often a small space and a corridor, a pathway used to reach one room to the next, and from one level to the next.

Maximising light in this space is essential which makes the reflective property of glass the ideal solution in a hallway. It bounces natural and ambient light around a space, perfect for making the dimensions of the hallway seem bigger than what they are.

Glass Balustrades on Juliet Balconies

Maximising light in upper floor rooms is also important. The Juliet balcony is a means by which a full, floor length window can be added to a room and with a Juliet balcony added as a safety feature that prevents falls to the ground. 

This adds a sense of decadence to any space but in a bedroom with a view, it makes perfect sense. Again, this adds more than a note of desirability and can be one of the many small glass details that clinch the deal.

Use in Garden

Glass is not just ideal for use in the home but for changes and modifications in the garden too.
Robust and able to withstand all kinds of weather, glass balustrades and framing in the garden are perfect for screen off pools and ponds, as well as adding form in the shape of neutral sculptures in any outdoor space. 

Glass is a versatile material that suits any home and any interior design scheme from the traditional to the modern. It is a tactile material and yet its familiar means that people understand it – they are not frightened of it, they know how to care for it, they know its properties and its benefits in a home.

And if potential buyers love the way you have used it and updated your home, they will make an offer.

Balustrade Components provides a range of glass clamps and fixings that are suitable for many different applications of glass, from shelving to bespoke glass partitions.

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