How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

It is common knowledge that weddings can be quite expensive. It won’t be the wedding dress and the groom’s suit that you have to think about. There’s a lot to spend on for this monumental day of your life, from your wedding bands to the food and venue. It can be very stressful, so some couples get wedding planners to plan and handle everything.

But, if you are one of those couples who want to save on expenses and instead set aside money for the life you want to build with your beloved, you can do the careful planning for your dream wedding yourself. While it may be challenging, having the perfect affair on a budget is possible.

It’s perfectly understandable that you would want to keep the expenses at a manageable rate. You’ve already shelled out a significant portion of your savings on unique engagement rings she will love. Here are some tips to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank:

1. Plan the wedding yourself.

Wedding planners don’t come in cheap. We can all agree that the services of professional wedding planners and coordinators are expensive. While you may be tempted to hire a professional to lessen the stress of wedding planning on your shoulders, opting to plan the occasion by yourself, as a couple, will save you a lot of money.

2.  Make a list of your priorities.

In order to maximise your budget for your ideal wedding, it is best to prioritise the aspects that matter most to you as a couple. For example, you might want to wear an elegant wedding gown but care less about the floral decorations for the ceremony. Then you can re-allocate portions of the budget for decors and add them to your budget for the bride’s wedding dress. Other couples would also prefer to have a luxurious honeymoon over a grand reception. Whichever aspects you choose to prioritise first, make sure you create a list that you have agreed upon as a couple. List the wedding items by order of importance to help you monitor and adjust your budget.

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3. Have an intimate celebration.

Of course, you’ll want to have everyone important to each of you present at the celebration of your love. This is ideal and many couples strive to include everyone they know on the list, which may be problematic for one with tight finances. Keep in mind that the number of guests you invite directly affects the wedding costs such that every guest you add raises the costs. Logically, the more guests you invite, the larger the venue for the event has to be, the more food that need to be prepared, and wedding souvenirs to be accounted for, among other costs. So, sit down, sleep on it, and talk to each other before you decide on the final guest list. An intimate ceremony with your family and closest friends will be just as beautiful and memorable if you want it to be.

4. Never settle for the first thing you find.

When planning your wedding, make sure you start early. You can make better decisions if you are not constrained by time, which means that you can canvas and shop around for more affordable options of the same quality. If you rush about, you might be tempted to just settle for the first item you see. For example, when shopping for a wedding gown, don’t say yes to the dress immediately. Look around for other boutiques, designers, shops, and then choose the one that tops others based on quality and costs, among other considerations.

5. Ask help from your family and friends.

Someone in your network will have connections to wedding suppliers or may actually be involved in the wedding industry. Don’t be shy in asking for their assistance, whether in referrals or in actually asking them to take care of the details for you. For example, if you have a close friend or relative who bakes, you can sweetly ask them to bake you a cake as a wedding present.

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Prioritize the areas that are most important to you as a couple in order to maximize your money for your ideal wedding. For instance, you may choose to wear an attractive wedding gown with wedding hairstyles but be less concerned with the flower arrangements for the event. Then you can re-allocate parts of the budget for decor and put them toward the bride's bridal gown. Other couples would prefer a sumptuous honeymoon than a lavish wedding reception. Whatever you decide to prioritize first, make sure you produce a list that you and our partner have agreed on.

With these tips, you should be able to have your dream wedding while staying on budget.

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