How to Encourage Your Children to Learn Outside of the Classroom

Limiting learning to the classroom is a huge mistake. Of course, school is a child’s primary source of intellectual and social growth, but parents can really enhance their children’s desire to learn whilst at home or on their travels. Manor House School have put together the following advice to help parents encourage learning outside of the classroom.

First of all, parents have to lead by example. If you show are not interested in learning new things, reading or exploring, then neither will your children. You can help your child find a love of reading from a young age by reading to them and asking them to read to you. Explore different genres until they find one they like, rather than giving up if they don’t like the first few books. You could even let them pick their own books so that they don’t consider it to be a boring chore.

Every child is unique in what they enjoy, both personally and academically. Try and find things that interest them rather than forcing them to learn about the topics that interest you. For example. If they’re interested in nature you could take them on adventures through the forest and discover the names of different trees, animals and insects. Everything around you provides an opportunity to teach your child something new.

Where possible, try and make learning a fun bonding experience. There are lots educational games that allow children to think and learn about different concepts and ideas. Group games will also help your child develop excellent communication skills and encourage them to work hard to succeed in a friendly, supportive manner.

Most importantly, parents should always focus on their child’s strengths and praise success. This will act as a form of reinforcement and will encourage your child to continue to learn and work hard.

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