How to Encourage Learning During School Holidays

The school holidays should be a time for some much-needed relaxation and family time, but this doesn’t mean that learning has to stop; in fact, the holidays can provide many fun and exciting learning opportunities.

Listed below are some activities recommended by Banstead Preparatory School to encourage your children to stay motivated and enjoy learning during the school holidays…

It is a good idea to encourage reading over the school holidays. Not only is reading educational, but it can also help your child to relax. Perhaps you could take them to a book shop or library and let them choose a book that interests them. Alternatively, you could choose a chapter book to read together at bedtime. This will allow you to discuss your opinions on the story and what you think may happen next.

If your child will be working on a particular topic next term or there is a certain subject they enjoy learning about, then you could help to explore this interest by planning a museum trip.
Not only will this make a fun day out for all the family to enjoy, but a museum visit can also help to inspire and enrich your child’s learning experience.

The great outdoors
Encourage your children to spend less time on their smart devices and more time exploring the great outdoors. For younger children, you can help them to learn about insects with a mini-beast hunt. This is a really fun activity and all that you need is a magnifying glass and a simple checklist.

For teenagers you could try Geocoaching, which is a treasure hunt for the digital world!
Your children can still play on their smart devices, but they will be taking part in an outdoor, recreational activity at the same time. Geocoaching is perfect for keeping fit and improving navigational skills.

An outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy is a picnic. This can provide a great opportunity to encourage healthy eating or introduce new foods to your children. A picnic can also allow you to explore your local area, or try out new sporting activities.

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