How to Encourage Good Study Habits in Your Children

As the exams begin and the school workload gets heavier, it is essential that your child makes time at home to study.

Studying may not be at the top of your child’s priorities; however, you can help to make this time more enjoyable by following some simple strategies and encouraging good study habits.
Here are three helpful strategies from Dover College to help your child develop a new love of learning…

  1. Try to encourage a positive attitude towards studying by making it a time to look forward to. Perhaps you could try joining in? You could share the study time with your son or daughter and catch up on some of your own work or take a new online course. This is a great way to model good working behaviour. Make study time feel special by sitting in the same room and sharing some of your favourite snacks as you work.
  2. If your child is studying a particular topic at school, you could help them to learn more about this subject with a trip to a museum. A museum visit has a number of educational benefits and can help to inspire and enrich your child’s learning. It will also make a fun day out for all the family! 
  3. Create a routine, by helping your child to make a study planner. Allocate some time, each day, for your child to dedicate to studying.  By establishing a routine you will help your child to be more organised and learn to plan well in the future. You can also use this planner as a calendar for upcoming exams and coursework deadlines, as well as a to-do list. When your child starts to cross things off their to-do list it can help them to stay motivated and reduce stress levels.

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