How To Keep Kids Learning This Summer

When summertime rolls around, kids like to bring their education to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, adolescents aren’t too keen on expanding their knowledge throughout the summer. However, there’s never an inopportune time to foster learning. Here are some ideas on how to keep children engaged and stimulated during summer vacation.

Unleash Their Artistic Aptitude
While reading, writing, and arithmetic are staples of education, the right side of the brain deserves attention as well. Art projects are a great way to promote abstract thinking and innovative ideas. Best of all, your children will be so fascinated with the crafts that they won’t even realize they’re partaking in an instructional activity. Make an art drawer or basket to hold some basic craft tools: markers, drawing compass, rulers, and craft paper.

Urge Them To Write
The positive impact that writing has on cognitive function is not to be undermined. Research shows that writing has a profound effect on the psyche. With that said, you should encourage your kids to keep a summer journal. Putting pen to paper is a surefire way to boost brainpower and nurture learning.

Institute A Family Reading Policy
Reading is a vital component of learning, and if your kid is wholly disinterested in this educational activity, there are sneaky ways you can get them to read. From game instructions to cereal boxes, there’s loads of printed material they see and read every day. In addition to these tactics, you can also put a family reading policy in place. Making reading a group pastime will make it feel less like a chore and more like an interesting routine.

Entertain Their Passions
No matter how silly or outlandish an idea may seem, if your child expresses interest in something, you ought to recognize and support their enthusiasm. There’s no simpler or more efficient way to sate their appetite for knowledge than by feeding their interests.

Go On Engaging Excursions
Traveling is guaranteed to pique a kid’s fancy. Taking trips to nearby landmarks and museums are a way to get out of the house, and it enriches learning as well. From history farms and botanical gardens to festivals and planetariums, there are countless activities that offer both an opportunity to learn and entertainment.

Teach Them How To Cook
You’d be surprised how eager children are to explore the kitchen. Baking, in particular, is an enjoyable activity that requires attention to detail. Not only will your child have learned how to bake a tasty treat, but they’ll get to reap the rewards of their hard work as well.

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