Watch Out For These Signs Before Deciding If You Need Braces Or Not

From preventing gum disease from delaying tooth decay, braces provide several benefits beyond purely straightening crooked teeth.

If you have always questioned whether you would benefit from braces, then the answer is that you may well do. Going to book a visit with a trusted local orthodontist can put an end to your worries and provide you with a concrete answer.

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Here are some reasons why people often need braces and signs to look out for in yourself.
Signs You May Need Braces

Ø  Your Top And Bottom Teeth Are Overlapping

Overlapping teeth can be a sign of trouble. Correcting an overbite is an issue for braces. Ever notice when you’re biting that you don’t see your lower teeth much? This means there may be an overbite issue which can easily be corrected by braces. This is also the case if your bottom set of teeth are overlapping the top and should be given the same treatment.

Ø  Protruding Teeth

If the top set are coming over the lower set then this is a sign of overjet. It might be caused by certain traumas such as if you fell and hit your face hard on the floor on impact. Either way, corrective measures such as braces can help realign the protruding teeth so everything is straight again.

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Ø  You Have An Open Bite

If your top and bottom front teeth cannot touch each other, then this is called an open bite. There can be many issues with this such as trouble eating and biting alongside certain difficulties in speaking. Getting this issue sorted with braces can be an effective method.

Ø  Crooked Teeth

Wonky teeth are the most popular reason people choose to have braces. It’s a common issue that many people face, especially when their adult teeth are starting to come through. Straightening crooked teeth is something easily solved over time with gentle adjustments with braces or clear aligners. Now there are several new methods that make it easier for people to wear discreet corrective methods such as aligners that help straighten crooked teeth.

Ø  Gaps

Too much space can also be a sign you need braces. These are very easy to treat with either traditional braces or Invisalign.

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As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you may need braces but also plenty of effective methods out there to correct them. Getting it sorted as soon as possible will help solve the issues and make your dental health more comfortable.

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