Can Your Child Retake their A Levels?

Its exam period for many a level students in the UK and some teenagers might be feeling quite worried about the results they’ll receive in a few months. Many parents might be thinking “can my son/daughter retake their a levels if they really have failed?” The answer is “Yes”! Read on to find out more information, shared by Mount House School in Hertfordshire.

If your child has come out of an exam feeling upset and anxious, it’s important not to worry too much, as re-sitting the exam is an option. Your child can still get into university and progress into the career of their dreams. Many colleges and Sixth Forms offer re-sit courses for both A Levels and GCSEs and your child’s tutors will be able to give them appropriate advice to ensure they are making the best possible decision. Re-sitting the course will also help your teen rebuild the confidence they have lost from failing the first time.

Retaking one or more a level to improve the grade will show universities just how dedicated your child is to their education and they may look favourably upon their future application. However, this will delay your son or daughter by a year, as they still have to take the exams at the same time as everyone else (in May or June next year).

Don’t discount other options either, as there are different approaches your child can take if they receive poor grades on results day. They could consider looking through UCAS Clearing to determine whether or not there are any other suitable university courses on offer. However, they must avoid jumping into the first random place they can find as this won’t lead to success or happiness in the long run. Alternatively, your child could consider full-time employment or an apprenticeship.

The most important thing that both your child and yourself can do is to try and stay positive and have an open mind; as long as they are willing to work hard, they are sure to find a path that suits them.

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