4 Summer Crafting Essentials

There is nothing like that buzz and excitement from your children when the summer holiday begins! We all love the summer and the chance to spend more time outside, visiting the seaside and having picnics. It is also a time when you can get creative with your children and have some well-deserved fun together.

To help your kiddies stay creative, and to ensure you don’t run out of ways to keep them busy, I want to share my favourite summer crafting essentials…

Lollipop sticks
Not only are lollipop sticks an affordable way to get creative, but there are so many different things you can do with them. They are also easy to paint and surprisingly strong.
One of my favourite lollipop stick uses is to pop them in my vegetable patch! – Simply ask your children to help you paint some up in bright colours and then add the names of your garden herbs and vegetables.

Who doesn’t love brightly coloured and sparkly jewels? You can use them to decorate pretty much anything and the self-adhesive gems are completely mess free. From delicate diamantes to shimmering pearls, there is a huge selection of craft jewels to choose from for your next embellishment project.

Duck Tape Colours
Did you know there is a wide variety of brightly coloured and patterned Duck Tapes?
You can choose from coloured, glittered, metallic, and even themed Duck Tapes. They are really easy to use and incredibly versatile. A great craft project to plan for the summer is a Duck Tape Beach Bag, which will come in very handy for carrying your beach essentials and can be custom made to match your swimwear!

A stroll along the beach is always my favourite way to collect pebbles for our craft projects, but you can also pick them up in some craft shops or garden centres. Painting pebbles is a really fun craft activity for the summer and you can use them afterwards to decorate your garden – Just remember to add a varnish to stop them from weathering.

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