Product Review: Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

When I was a kid, I honestly hate washing the dishes. That time we still use the "traditional" bar soap to clean our dishes. The smell of the soap remains and sometimes the dish taste like soap if you will not wash it thoroughly. Thankfully now we have a broad range of dishwashing liquids in the market that we could buy to clean our dishes with. But what product is effective, safe and budget-friendly?

Now that I am a homemaker, I like my family to be always protected and give them the best effort when it comes to cleaning our home as well as cleaning our dishes. Just a week ago, I got an email that asked if I could review a new dishwashing liquid. Even though I am a bit hesitant at first because I thought already got the "best" dishwashing liquid at home, I said yes and sent my details for them to send the product. 

I received the Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid in 3 variants (Lemon, Antibac, and Kalamansi) in 270 ml each bottle. After trying the product for a week, I am sharing with you all my insights and observations regarding the product mentioned above.

SAFE: its-Based on the ingredients which you could read at the back side through its clear bottle, there's no harmful chemical added.

BIODEGRADABLE/ECO-FRIENDLY:- all its ingredients are non-toxic which means it is safe for our environment

GENTLE ON HANDS ("BANAYAD SA KAMAY):- no need to put lotion after washing the dishes because you will feel that it's not drying the skin, feels smooth and soft

AFFORDABLE:- At the price of 32.50Php per 270 ml bottle and 65Php per 880 ml bottle. You can also avail to bottles of 270 ml for only 55 pesos while the two bottles of 880 ml at 120 pesos only. Isn't great?

EASY TO RINSE:-because it does not produce more bubbles just like the other brand, you can easily wash it off with water

CLEANS WELL: -You don't have to put much time scrubbing the dirt from plates and pans because it's effective in removing grease and oil from the dishes


I first thought that I need to put a hole in it so that the liquid will come out on its spout. Honestly? I did punch a small hole in one of the bottles which is...WRONG!! I asked my fellow bloggers how did they manage to open the bottle. One of them told me that I need to put extra effort pulling up the spout (which is I tried). Yes! I made it! I regret that I never asked first. LOL! 

I would rate it 4/5. Maybe next time the manufacturer could make it easier for us to open the spout? With its overall performance, I would likely recommend it to my friends and my readers. For budget-wise moms like me, Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a better partner when it comes to washing our dishes. A proud Pinoy made that's tough on dirt. Available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide!
*Expiration is also indicated at the back of the bottle.

For more updates and promos, you can check out their Bubble Man Facebook Page.

* Thanks to Ms.Jhen Dizon of Mikewell Corporation for sending me these products.

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