Five Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean - Naturally

The importance of keeping our homes clean is not lost on any of us. It’s essential for the look of the home, for one thing. More importantly, though, a build up of grime and mess can be bad for your health. With any number of unfriendly bacteria lurking within, the risks are clear. It can be a pain, but regular maintenance is a better bet than a frenzied blitz every few months.

Many of us have allergies to cleaning chemicals, or may not be keen on the idea of what these chemicals do to the environment. Indeed, children or pets shouldn’t be exposed to much of what’s in them. This is why cleaning your home with natural products is becoming more and more popular - and it doesn’t mean things are any less clean!

Here are some tips to ensure that you can keep everything clean, without breaking the environment or the bank.

Bicarbonate of Soda: The Magic Ingredient

Stubborn stains will always take a bit of elbow grease to get rid of - and some scouring can make a world of difference. Bicarbonate of soda is a natural ingredient which is coarse and will get rid of the most persistent grime. Check for local Asian supermarkets, which will often have bulk packages of bicarb - a little can go a long way.

White Vinegar - Not Just For Chips Anymore
Supermarket shelves are packed with chemicals for cleaning your windows and glassware. Some of those chemicals are effective, some are less so, but none is particularly good for the environment or your skin. White vinegar, however, is hugely useful. Dilute some with water and scrub away, or fill a spray bottle with the mix, and watch it work!

Borax - Like Bleach, But Better

It may sound like a Bond villain, but Borax can be the hero when it comes to keeping surfaces shiny and clean. A generic name for Sodium Borate, this is a natural bleach. It’s excellent for cleaning Amtico flooring and other oft-used surfaces around the home. Diluted in water in a solution of about 5%, the results you’ll see will stun you - in a right way.

Make Your Own Dishwasher Powder
Many people will say “You have all of these items in your home already!” when it comes to natural solutions. This may not be true, as we don’t all have a store of Citric Acid to dip in to. However, it is easy to buy online along with the other ingredients for dishwasher powder. Add a little bit of salt and some Washing Soda (available in good supermarkets), and your dishes will be gleaming!

Keep Six Legged Intruders At Bay

As clean as you keep your house, summer tends to bring with it an insect invasion. The good news is that those industrial-strength pesticides aren’t your only defence. Water, natural Witch Hazel and a couple of essential oils can be every bit as effective. Citronella and Peppermint are among the best oils to use.

There may be some minimal outlay up front to get these items. Without a doubt, though, you’ll find them endlessly useful in keeping a clean home.

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