Your Kids and Their Teeth: How to Start Good Habits

Children have to learn many skills that they need to use independently later in life. Self-sufficiency is one of the goals all children are working toward, so they can look after themselves as adults. Even though it can be sad to watch them becoming a little more independent every year, it's also a good thing. You know that they'll be fine once you send them off into the world. Looking after their own health is one of the things children slowly learn as they grow up. It's important to teach them the skills they need, including how to look after their teeth.

Start Early
If you want kids to develop good oral hygiene habits, you should start teaching them early. Most experts say that children can't take full responsibility for brushing their teeth until they are about seven. Until then, you can use the time to teach them the importance of caring for their teeth and how to do it. Even toddlers can start taking some responsibility. They will love getting to control the brush and having a go at brushing their own teeth. You just have to make sure that you finish the job to ensure their teeth are clean.

Make It Fun
Many daily tasks can be boring for children. By the time you're an adult, they're just things you do without thinking. If you want to make oral hygiene more interesting, there are several ways you can do it. Firstly, let your child pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste. They might not like some flavors of toothpaste, so you could try some different ones. You could also make teeth brushing into a game. Look out for books or TV shows that encourage clean teeth too. Sometimes a message is better received from a favorite character.

Child-friendly Dentists
Regular visits to the dentist help to keep your child's teeth on top form. Even if going to the dentist makes you anxious, be careful about showing that to your children. Having to interact with a stranger leaning over them can be scary enough. Keep positive about going to the dentist and choose a family-friendly one like Kingstowne Dentistry. The dentist or dental hygienist will do their best to help your child relax. And they might even send them home with a reward for being good and brave.

Go Beyond Oral Hygiene
Don't just focus on the importance of cleaning teeth. It's important to emphasize diet and the role it plays. Limiting sugary drinks and other foods that could be bad for their teeth is a good idea. But it's also useful to talk to them about why it isn't good to have too many foods that could damage their teeth. It can go hand in hand with other discussions about diet, which are important for overall health. Healthy teeth can tie into overall health and how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Start instilling good habits early so that looking after their teeth comes naturally to them. They'll have healthy teeth, and you won't have to do as much nagging.

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