An Essential Checklist For Throwing A Party At Your Home

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or one of your children’s birthday’s, throwing a party at your home can be a great option. It saves on costs and can make your celebrations a whole lot less stressful to organize, as there’s no going back and forth to the venue with supplies. Of course, the venue aside, even if you opt to host the party at your home, there’s still a lot that needs to be organized. To ensure that the next party you throw is a soaring success, take note of the useful tips and advice below.


Create a list of guests
Before you do anything else, you’ll need to create a list of guests. This is important as without numbers; it’s almost impossible to plan the rest of the event. Make sure to take the size of your home into account when thinking about the guest list as there’s nothing worse than an overcrowded party. If it’s a children’s party, aim to have five children per adult in attendance. This will make keeping thing under control, much easier.

Pick a theme
Not every party needs a theme, but it can be fun to have one. If it’s a children’s party that you’re hosting, a theme can make the event more fun and memorable for the birthday boy or girl. Make sure to ask them what theme they would like, to ensure their party is as fun as it could be. If you do opt to go with a theme, make sure to think it through. Remember, the decorations, food, music, and cake will all need to reflect the theme in some way.

Send invitations
Once you’ve got the guest list and theme sorted, as well as the date, the next step is to send invitations. Make sure to be clear on the invites who is invited - if it’s an adult only party, say that. The last thing you want is a guest bringing along their two toddlers to a cheese and wine party, so make sure to be clear about who is invited.

Plan the refreshments
For the refreshments, make sure to take the theme into account. There are plenty of themed food ideas online that you can take inspiration from, so make sure to search for your chosen theme. It’s also important to pick food that you know everyone will like. Such as well-loved chips & crackers for party, and other popular snacks. With so many food allergies about, it’s best to avoid any foods containing nuts. Especially, if you’re holding a children’s party.

Think about entertainment and decorations
Despite the fact that the party is being held at your home, entertainment and decorations are still crucial. If you’re having a theme, these should fit this. If not, you can decorate in any way and choose whatever entertainment you like. You could hire a DJ, or to keep costs low, create a playlist yourself. You could buy decorations or get creative and make them yourself. What you choose to do is up to you.

There you have it, all the essentials that you need to throw an awesome party at your home.

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