Makeup For Busy Moms: A 5-Minute Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life!

Time is a luxury for most parents. When it comes to mornings, the main aim is usually to get everyone out of the door in one piece in the fastest time possible. You may not have a chance to spend ages perfecting your makeup or trying out new looks. Thankfully, we’ve got a 5-minute routine, which will change your life. You’ll never have to worry about leaving the house looking tired or unkempt again!

Cleanse, moisturize, and prime
When you get up, give your face a quick wash and then apply moisturizer. When it’s absorbed, blend in some primer. It will help to even your skin surface and ensure your foundation looks flawless.

Apply your foundation
Start off with a small amount of foundation and blend into your skin. You can use a brush, a blending sponge, or your fingers. For liquid foundation, any application method suits. For powder, you’re best using a brush. Layer your foundation as required. If you have a blemish, add a spot of concealer and rub in thoroughly.

Once you’ve done your foundation, put your mascara on. You’ll only need a couple of coats for a natural, daytime look.

Blush and Bronze
To give your cheeks some color, go for a bronzer or blusher. Bronzer is great for giving you a healthy glow in the summer months. The blusher is fantastic for winter and spring. Choose a shade, which complements your skin tone. If you have olive or dark skin, peaches work well. If you have porcelain skin, go for pink. Apply your product to the apples of your cheeks and then blend.

Add lip balm to soften your lips and give them a subtle shine. You could also go for a nude lipstick or a bright gloss.

That’s it! In just five minutes, you can transform your skin and boost your confidence. You’ll be ready for the day ahead before you know it.

Day to night makeup
If you’ve managed to get a sitter and you’re heading out, you can easily adapt this regime to go from day to night in minutes. Add some color to your eyes and lips with eyeshadows and glosses. Go for a statement lip with subtle eye makeup or bolder eyes and a nude lip. Check out cosmetics by Gallany for ideas. Add a flick of eyeliner and another layer of mascara to make your eyes stand out. Touch up your foundation and add another coat of blush or bronzer to define your cheeks. Finally, dab some highlighter along the bridge of the nose, the brow bones, and the cheekbones. It will enhance your best features.

If time is of the essence, you don’t have to compromise looking and feeling good. In just five minutes, you can cover blemishes, give your skin a healthy glow and enhance your natural beauty. You only need a few products, and you’ll be ready to take on the day in no time at all. Once you’re used to the regime, you’ll find that you can complete it faster every time. You don’t need hours in front of the mirror to look and feel beautiful!

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