Are You Up-To-Date With The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2016?

As a mom, I often feel as though I’m falling out of fashion. It happens to all of us at some point I suppose. One day, your kid will come in talking about the latest trend, and you’ll have no idea what they are talking about. You’ll nod along as they explain the latest craze and then, if you have time, you’ll google it later. It’s at that moment that you realize you’re no longer a cool, adult. You’ve reached the age of the embarrassing parent. However, you don’t have to reach it just yet. Here are some of the biggest trends of this year to help you stay up to date.

Biker Jackets

Did biker jackets ever go out of style? They were around in the seventies, all through the eighties and even the nineties. Now, they are back again for what is probably not going to be the final time. In fact, biker jackets are something that will always be in and out of fashion. This year, the jackets with the big collars are back in full force and are being worn by numerous young celebs. If you want to stay cool, you may want to think about purchasing one. Or, pulling an old one out from the back of your wardrobe. Let’s face it, you probably still have one lying around somewhere.


Do people look cool while vaping? It’s a good question and one that I can’t answer. I’d tell you about the health benefits, but I have no idea if there are any. What I do know is that you can’t open a gossip mag without seeing a picture of one or two celebs vaping. That tells me that vaping is in style and will probably be there for a while. If you want to get started with vaping, you just need to purchase an electronic cigarette.

Jean Flares

So apparently, someone invented a time machine, and we are back in the seventies? That’s right, jean flares are back in fashion this year, so I’m told by my trusted fashion mag. Not to mention several fashion blogs that I regularly peruse when I have a spare minute. Luckily, the flares don’t look quite as ridiculous as they did in the seventies and once again, you do see the occasional celeb sporting them. I don’t think we will reach a point where guys are back wearing these, although, with fashion, you never know.

Netflix And Chill

Finally, this is a useful phrase for moms of teenagers to know about that has been in fashion for a good few months. If your teenage girl or boy tell you they are going to Netflix and chill with a friend, I suggest you ground them. Or, just remember that Netflix And Chill refers to coitus. If you don’t know what coitus is, you obviously haven’t been watching enough of The Big Bang Theory. For the old timers, it’s the new term for a booty call.

I hope you have fun with trying to keep up with these latest trends.

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