Bathroom Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Bathrooms don’t have to be either functional or bland. Check out these bathroom ideas and add some style to your bathroom and your home.

Mosaic Rug
We don’t often think about having rugs in our bathrooms. Usually, that’s because we don’t associate rugs with rooms that get wet. But rugs can do a lot to improve the appearance and warmth of a bathroom.

But why stop there? You can experiment with bath rugs and think about how to make them the centrepiece of your rooms. One cool idea is to go with a striking pattern, like a mosaic rug to complement a tile floor.

Accented Tiled Walls
A lot of bathrooms are quite innovative when it comes to their flooring. But they let themselves down by not matching the floor tiles to the tiles on the wall correctly. Most bathroom designs stick to the same tile for both floors and wall. But this doesn’t create the best effect. A better the idea is to choose tiles of a similar style, but of slightly different design. You want wall tiles to reflect, but not emulate, the style of tiles on the floor.

Hidden Mirrored Medicine Cabinets
We’ve all seen bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors on the doors. They’re almost a bathroom staple. But some designers have taken this idea a step further. Instead of having the cabinet stick out into the bathroom, it’s recessed into the wall behind a full-size mirror. The mirror then just acts as a door and hides the ugly cabinet unit.

Pebbled Flooring
Most people want their bathrooms to feel spa-like. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to use pebbled flooring. Pebbled flooring has a luxury feel because of the way they distribute pressure over the feet.

Style Mashup
Bathrooms needn’t be boring. You can experiment with different styles and features for a stunning effect. Modern-styled baths can go well with floral wallpaper and mosaic flooring. Mixing the traditional with the modern can look fantastic in concert.

Personalised Bath Mats
If you share your bathroom with somebody else, grab a couple of personalised bath mats. You can put bath mats right under your respective basins. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can have bathmats styled right into the floor.

Wallpaper Ceiling
You don’t often see people using wallpaper in the bathroom. That’s because it can go mouldy and peel off. But if your bathroom is well ventilated and you have the right wallpaper, it can be used to stunning effect. A wallpapered ceiling creates a sense of continuity from floor to ceiling. You can imagine wallpaper patterns continuing up the wall and right overhead.

Wall Lamps
Getting bathroom lighting right is a challenge. But you can install wall lights to incredible effect. Not only is the bathroom filled with light, but it's also done in a way that isn’t intrusive.

Shower Window
A lot of showers have some window. But few use it to great effect. There’s no reason you have to go with a generic shower window design. You could easily mix things up with a steel-effect shower unit.

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