FabFitFun Fall Box Giveaway

FabFitFun fall box giveaway

This is it! The FabFitFun 2016 Fall Box Giveaway you have been waiting for. The FabFitFun Box has 100$+ worth of goodies and this time, the lucky winner could get the fall box with goodies of total retail value 239.99$. Yay! Isn't it awesome? So don't ever miss this! GOOD LUCK!

A Photo blog on Motherhood

If there's one thing I wish I could've done better as a mother, it would have been being able to breastfeed my baby. From conception to delivery there were many times we'd ask ourselves, "How worse can it get?" "Will it get any more painful than this?" Please don't say "Ay tamtamin mu, at maurag ka!" because that's rude. Haha seriously, though, quite a few times we ran into a situation when we felt like we've reached the threshold of pain we can tolerate.

Gorsun's Multi-function Stereo Headphones Giveaway!

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  Gorsun's Multi-function Stereo Headphones Giveaway ends 10-31  Hello, October Goodbye September. Another month has passed Holiday season is nearly coming. Join the Gorsun's Stereo Headphones Giveaway, and you might be one of the three lucky winners who will have an early Christmas gift. Good Luck!

TravelBook.ph Blogger Affiliate Program Held it’s First Blogger Getaway in Caramoan

Do you love to travel or seeking adventurous times with your friend or family? Perhaps planning a trip this coming sem break? 

TravelBook.ph is a top online hotel booking site in the Philippines. With over 2000 hotel partners, it ensures that travelers have the best options for accommodations no matter where their destination is.

TravelBook Philippines latest endeavor is the Blogger Affiliate Program which aims to help bloggers earn more while giving them the opportunity to travel, relax, and learn from various campaigns such as Blogger Getaways, staycations, training, and seminars. As an Affiliate, you can earn as much as 65% commission for every successful booking by referring your readers to TravelBook.ph with the use of their various marketing tools like banners, widgets, and hotel ad links.

Recently, TravelBook Philippines hosted 3 days and two nights Blogger Getaway in one of the most majestic places in Bicol - Caramoan, Camarines Sur. The 15 lucky blog winners were treated to an all-inclusive vacation. With two days island hopping, free accommodation, transportation, and full board meals, we’re that TravelBook.ph’s blogger affiliates experienced fun and adventure, all-in-one!

9 Fashion Tips for the Workplace

The workplace of today is quickly changing. Offices are now observing casual Fridays all week long in some startups, and the old rules are slowly being discarded.

Although the workplace is loosening up some things, currently remain constant in workplace fashion. It is important that while attempting to stay in step with a time that many unspoken workplace fashion faux pas are not committed.
Compiled is a list that will benefit all readers, male or female, and a tip or two to trade with the recent college graduate or teenage cousin in your life to help them also succeed at work and in a dress.
Always remember that although how you dress is only a small part of who you are it is the only part that people who do not know you see when you walk by or enter a room. Make the best of what they see and both you and all around you will greatly benefit.
Remember that while some rules still serve as constants in workplace fashion today, the ever changing work landscape may call for a set of new rules in another decade.

Newbie Tips On How To Start Creating A Small Business Website

Whether you are a start-up, a small business or a home-worker developing your brand, you resolutely need a super sleek website to up your game. In this day and age, a company without a website automatically sets alarm bells ringing. With advances in technology, having a website assures customers of your credibility and reliability. But of course, first impressions count. So make sure you have a website that lives up to its name with these superstar tips for creating your company's first online presence.

Photo from: Pixaby

Why Do You Need To Check The Label First?

Mothers like me always need to make wise choices about the food, and beverages we give our children. And for our child's protection, we should check the label of the product first so that we know exactly the nutrient content of the food our children eats. Food labels help me decide in choosing good nutrition and helps me avoid food and beverage with ingredients that are not good such as products with high sugar content or allergens. But just because food has lots of vitamins, it doesn't mean it's already healthy. 

Aquagear Filter Pitcher Giveaway! $69.95 RV!

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The Intriguing Benefits and Concerns of Vitamin C Serum

Brief Detail about Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is a high-quality version of vitamin C which means that this mixture contains a high concentration of the element. This chemical mixture has been created to achieve an oil free surface although the whole formula is dependent on the mixture of water and oil. This item is prevalent for people who have sensitive skin although the original mixture can cause irritation.

Vitamin C serum is mainly used in beauty products which are of premium quality as its effect doesn't fade out in a small period. There are ample amount of benefits associated with this chemical compound and because of this reason is widely used in skin care products. Vitamin C is a free radical combatant, and it is an essential element that strengthens the immune system of the body. Although it loses its power when exposed to air which is a negative side of this element but this phenomenon only happens  when it used in skin care product.

So Vitamin C serums are used in beauty products for its potency, and it includes magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, and L-ascorbic acid. The L-ascorbic acid concentration helps the cream from getting washed away by air. It synthesizes the collagen present in the upper surface of the body. However, with ages the concentration level decreases, so these beauty products with vitamin C serum are widely needed. Most of the skin care manufactured goods are available in different concentration level, and 20% percent concentration is the best and ultimate level. Beyond 20% concentration level may cause side effect in the skin leading irritation, rash and other harmful effects.

#1Guitar Center at Braintree

Have you been to Braintree Massachusetts? It issuburban New England city in Norfolk County in the United States of America. If you happen to be a guitarist or wants to own a musical instrument and looking for the right equipment, there's a guitar center at braintree mass you could visit. They can help you find the musical instrument, gears, and equipment as well as making repairs and rentals of instruments. Instructors can help you with learning new techniques and enhance your skills with their free group class like playing Guitar or Ukulele. Check out huge selections from the #1 Guitar Center at Braintree's music store today! 

$50 Amex Pampers Potty Training Giveaway!


Hey, moms! How have you been?  We have a perfect giveaway just for you.  If you have a little one, you should join this giveaway.

You might be ready to potty train, or you might just be getting your toddler ready to move on to underwear training! The time is now, you can with this awesome prize pack and start off right!

Pampers are here to help you! Check them out at their website!
You can also read the whole story on transitions at Tales From A Southern Mom!

Nordstrom Giveaway (September) OPEN WORLDWIDE!

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Have you done shopping lately? How about winning a gift card which you can use to shop at Nordstrom? Well, take your chance and who knows you might be the lucky winner of 200$ Nordstrom Gift Card this month. GOOD LUCK!

The Tricks That Are Going To Help You Not Botch That Home Improvement Job

Home improvement is not something to be taken lightly. It’s a big task, particularly if you’re one of those people who needs to make a house as near to perfect as can be. DIY is definitely amongst the 100 skills every man should have. And, whilst it is work, it doesn’t have to be as much as an effort as you might imagine. So here we’re going to share three tips that will make that home improvement a lot easier to tackle.

Musician's One-Stop Shop

Are you a music enthusiast? Perhaps you are looking for music instruments, accessories, or just a missing part of your musical instrument. Look no more! Musician s friend is the right place for your needs.It is an online platform that offers the largest selection of musical instruments and equipment, software, books and more. They have been in business for more than 30 years serving musicians anywhere in the world. You can ask for customer service assistance if you need help in choosing the right instrument or just rely on the reviews from customers who already purchased products from them. What are you waiting for visit their website now!

A Pianist' Portable Learning Accessory

When I was a kid, one of my dreams is to become a pianist. Yes, I once dreamed of being a musician. But that was just a dream because I never had the chance to take on piano lessons or even had one due to our financial crisis in the family. Now that I am a grown up, I only settle in hearing piano sounds on my favorite music playlist. What about you? Do you also like playing a piano?

Signs That You Might Need To Consider Moving House

It might have felt like you’d found your dream home when you first moved into your property. But fast forward a few years, and life can change in ways we couldn’t possibly have predicted. Before you know it, you can end up in a home which no longer works for you. If you have the luxury of extending then, that’s an ideal option in some cases, but for those who can’t (or are renting) the answer may be to move instead. Here are some of the signs you may need to consider moving to a new house!

You’ve Started to Work From Home
More people than ever are now able to work from home and achieve incredible things thanks to the internet. Whether you’ve started up your own business or work self-employed from home, you’ll more than likely need your working space. As well as a home office, you might have even an additional room for things like stock and storage. This is fine if you have a room or two to spare in your current home, but a lot of people don’t. And so if you have moved onto a career path which involves working from home, a house move might need to be considered.


$50 Diapers.com Gift Card Ends 9/30 (US only)

Moms and dads :) 50$ gift card which you can be use ta diapers.com is now up for grabs! Join and win this giveaway so you could shop lots of diapers or even toys or baby essentials for your child. Don't miss your chance. GOOD LUCK!

Family Trips To Missouri - Getting The Most of Out of Your Stay

When we make the trip to visit family, it's always nice to explore the area if you get a chance.

If you are heading down south anytime time soon, then you may well get to pay a visit to Missouri. If so there are some great things that you can do there. Read on to find out more.

First of all, you might be in the position where you have been asked to go and stay with family at their house. While you know that you want to see them and catch up on all the gossip, staying with them in their house is not ideal.

Maybe they have a big family, and there is not so much room for you. Maybe they are relaxed about their living arrangements? While you can't sleep anywhere unless it's spotless? Maybe you are someone that thrive on having their own personal space and the thought of not being able to get away from your loved ones give you the chills?

Dropprice $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ends 10/2

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The AllisonAvery Fashion Bundle Giveaway! ($498 TRV) Ends 10/20


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Novuhair Supports Alopecia Areata Awareness in Celebrating Inner Strength

September marks the month-long commemoration of Alopecia Areata awareness worldwide. Alopecia areata is a condition when hair loss occur due to faults in the immune system attacking the hair follicles which results in partial or total loss of hair on the head and other parts of the body.

Leading this year’s celebration in the country is Alopecia Philippines, a group founded by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio in 2012. She has been championing the cause of empowering citizens with this condition.

Isle of Dogs Giveaway

Isle of Dogs Giveaway
Do you have dogs at home? Would you like to win some prizes for your pet? Join the Isle of Dogs Giveaway and win products worth over 50$. Yay! 
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Outback Raise the Steaks $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Outback Raise the Steaks $50 Gift Card Giveaway
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The iClever Bluetooth Accessories Giveaway (3 Winners! TRV$92) ~ Ends 10/11

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Why We Are Obsessed With Home Cooked Food And You Should Be Too!

Is there anything better than a delicious home cooked meal? Especially, with the days getting colder and the nights drawing in! However, in today's society where there is work to do and the kids to look after, it sometimes easier to grab takeout or a ready meal. But that means you and your family are missing out on all the benefits of a good home cooked meal. Read on to find out why home cooking is just the best!


The Top Three DIY Projects You Should Leave To The Professionals

It goes without saying that everyone wants to have a beautiful home. However, not everyone wants the cost that can often come with redecorating. It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to DIY projects rather than paying companies to do the work for them. This kind of projects can be fun, although they can take up a lot of time. That being said, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can sometimes end up doing more harm than good. A botched DIY job can end up costing you way more than you originally planned and can sometimes pose real dangers to your family home. Take a look at this list of common DIY jobs where it, in fact, might just be best to get the professionals in…


Smiling Purple Blue Cubic Swarovski Necklace Giveaway

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Welcome to the Smiling Purple Blue Cubic Swarovski Necklace Giveaway!

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Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly With These Tips

We are also constantly using energy at home. You are probably using your phone or computer to read this which you will have used a charger to charge. That charger may well still be plugged into a wall socket wasting energy.
Look, it’s unavoidable. Everything we need to do to function properly in our daily lives using some form of energy or another. Or it might be the harmful energy that it emits that is more the issue.

Although it’s tricky for anyone to be perfect, there are a few things you can change around the home to help play your part. If everyone was just a little bit more environmentally-aware, it could make a huge difference overall.

Make Money with Forex Brokers

Commissions are the sole way at which brokers earn money. Picking the most effective FOREX broker for your portfolio of funds market-based instruments is essential. Ergo, if you like to make money with FOREX, eventually you need to select the ideal FOREX broker.

To totally understand these brokers, an individual must consider knowing the different kinds of brokers out there. Taking advantage of the Forex broker reviews will give you all of the information you have to reduce the chance of changing brokers within the near future and using the same broker for many years to come. All things considered, eToro is no doubt one of the most effective forex brokers available today. Since it is tied to credit agreements between each player, in regards to online brokers, the broker's cost-effectiveness will be contingent on their relationship with banks.

The New Baby Essentials You Can't Do Without

Having a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a family's life. The days until your little bundle of joy arrive, seem to go on forever - but of course, it's worth it when they arrive! Bringing your baby home for the first time is an experience no new parent forgets. But it's always what happens after you're all settled in that can cause some problems. Even for the most prepared parents in the world, there are plenty of unexpected costs that come with having a baby. Therefore, it's important to make sure you have everything that you need before the big day arrives. This can mean you avoid spending a fortune at the last minute! Some products are vital for your new life as a parent, so take a look at these top picks.


Small Changes Which Will Make Your Living Room Stand Out!

It’s always good to give your lounge a lift at the end of a season. So as summer draws to a close, it’s time to give your living room some TLC, so it’s looking fabulous for the next season. However, if you are strapped for cash after your summer hot, here are some surprising small changes which will make your living room stand out!

Living Room, Facilities, Live, Decoration

Vive Health Giveaway

Have you heard about Vive Health or do you have any idea about it? It's an online platform where you could shop for measurement devices, foot care products and more. With this giveaway, you could have the chance to win 50$ gift card you could use to shop anything from them. Join below and you could also check out the reviews. 

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Stay at Home Parent? How You Can Make Money From Home

If you are a stay at home parent, it can be tough. It might not have been financially viable for you to go to work. It can seem pointless going back to work, only to cover the costs of childcare. It might have just been a decision that was easy to make as you wanted to be at home to raise your children. Whatever you chose, both can have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. A lot of stay at home parents look to contribute in a small financial way, as well as all the other work they do in the home. So if you are seeking to make a little extra cash, there are plenty of options. Some might not work out for you but some certainly will. Having another focus, other than the children, can be a great help. Having a hobby or something else to invest time in can be so enjoyable. And it allows you to have some ‘me’ time too. So here are a few working from home options for you.


Here Comes Baby Giveaway! Over $708 in Prizes!

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Teasia Giveaway

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Because Oriental and Persian rugs are typically made of natural materials that require specialized care, we always encourage anyone who owns a handmade carpet to have it professionally cleaned annually at a minimum. Yet, many owners and collectors still want to maintain their rug while it is being displayed at home or in an office environment, so we addressed this issue in our Rug Guide earlier this year by offering a number of ways you can maintain your carpet between cleanings.

Beyond general maintenance, having your rug cleaned by an Oriental rug specialist is important, not only to preserve your rug’s integrity and beauty, but to also ensure your home is free of allergens that can make for an unhealthy living or work space. With that in mind, here are the most common mistakes some Oriental rug owners can make by not having their carpet professionally cleaned by experts trained in the area.


Expensive Mistakes When Planning For Your Retirement

If you haven’t been living in Australia all that long, then some of the nuances of the law and financial culture may still be confusing to you. If you’re reaching middle-age and starting to look ahead to your retirement, then you’ll probably run into all kinds of new regulations and jargon. Don’t worry, help is at hand. Here, we’ll go over some of the most costly mistakes people can make when planning for their retirement.
Image: Flickr

Enter for a chance to win one of two Amazon Gift Cards, $25 or $10 and/or two books.

2 Amazon Gift Cards and 2 Great Books Giveaway ends 10-3   

Do you love books? How about winning an Amazon gift card which you could use to purchase any book you want from Amazon? For this giveaway, there will be two winners. And oh! not just winning a gift card! There will be an e-book or paperback for the two winners. Exciting right? So join now!
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About the prize

"The Lives We Lead" was written by Alexandra Egi. She was 17 at the time she wrote this book, and you certainly cannot tell it by the writing. This well-written book about eleventh graders who are attending an exclusive private school. You would think they had it made, but this book takes you through the problems these girls experience in their friendships and in their lives. You can read more about it in my review. All three winners will receive an e-book copy of "The Lives We Lead" by Alexandra Egi.
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"Control Your Clutter" was written to help people get a handle on their clutter whether they have a small problem or are an all out hoarder. Because the author doesn't tell you to get rid of everything the whole process becomes more manageable. So if you are tired of hiding behind the curtain when the bell rings instead of answering the door, this book can help. Once you get your house in order, it just seems like the rest of your life follows suit. Read more about "Control Your Clutter! here. All three winners will receive their choice of e-book or paperback of "Control Your Clutter". Buy it here now!
And of course, there is the $25 Amazon Gift Card going to the first winner and the $10 Amazon Gift Card going to the second winner which I am sure you can use to find something you want or need. Perhaps you want to buy more books to go on your Kindle or to add to your library. You can use it for whatever you wish.

Enhance Your Looks Naturally To Brave Those Makeup Free Days

I don’t think many of us can imagine going a day without makeup. For many of use these days, it is just something that is part of our daily routine. There are many reasons why you should allow yourself makeup free days from time to time, though. It can improve the condition of your skin and allow it to ‘breath’ properly, for one thing. It can also be healthy to have a break from the usual routine and get some vitamin D on your skin. The thought of no makeup can be quite daunting, though, can’t it? There are ways to look better when you aren’t wearing any makeup, though. Here are a few ways to naturally enhance how you look.


Making A Small Apartment Feel Spacious: All The Tips You Need To Know

If you live in a small apartment, you might find it quite dark and that it can feel very small and cramped. Thankfully, you don’t have to continue feeling unhappy with your home. There are plenty of decor tips you can use to create a light and airy atmosphere in your apartment. And if you are smart with your storage and furniture, you could even create the illusion of space! Here are some of my favorite space hacks for small apartments.

The Baby Bundle Giveaway!

kids bundle giveaway

We got a new giveaway up for moms and dads :) You can have the chance to win prizes for your child. There will be two lucky winners so make sure not to miss this. GOOD LUCK!

Why Do Some People Look Younger Than Their Years?

There is a saying that you’re only as old as you feel. But that youthful feeling can quickly disappear if your reflection starts to give away the truth of your age. The passage of time can be quite unkind on our appearance. So how do celebrities and other young looking people manage to hide it so well? Here are just some of the tricks they use to give the illusion of youth:

Great Skin Care
It is often the skin that reveals our real age. As time passes, the cells age. This gives a drier look to the skin. Fine lines and even wrinkles can appear. It is possible to protect the skin from some of the effects of environmental damage. An excellent skin care routine will keep skin clean and clear. Buffs and scrubs remove the oldest layers of skin. Moisturizing will then enhance the appearance of what is left. Tinted creams rather than tanning will help avoid that damaged look from UV light.