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Starting your own handmade jewelry business from home is a great way to earn some extra money, and it's a lot of fun too. But before selling your jewelry, you need to set up a workspace and get the necessary supplies. This blog will show you how to set up your home studio and tips on getting started in the handmade jewelry business.

Find a Dedicated Space in Your Home

The first thing you need to do when setting up your home jewelry studio is to find a dedicated space where you can work. This doesn't have to be a separate room, but it should be an area that is quiet and free from distractions. If you don't have a dedicated workspace, your living room or kitchen table will suffice.

Make sure to put away all your supplies at the end of each day, so your family members or roommates don't have to step over them. It would be best if you also considered investing in a comfortable chair and good lighting to work for long periods without getting a crick in your neck or straining your eyes.


There are many times in life when you might be looking to make some extra money. You might be a struggling student, someone who's just lost their job, or just saving for the future. Whatever your reasons for wanting to make some money, probably outside of traditional jobs, you likely have a lot of questions about the best ways to do it. The first thing many people do is start searching for the best ways to make money, both online and offline. But who should you trust? Here are some places where you might find advice, and how reliable and useful they might be.


At this time, many people have been looking for ways to earn money aside from having been employed by a company or having their own business. The cost of the commodities is getting higher and higher as the time pass. For students, housekeepers, and unemployed people, working online is one of their solutions to make a living. There are lots of opportunities online, but you also need to exert time and effort to look for them. You could earn by being a virtual assistant, a freelancer or a blogger. But have you heard about being an affiliate and how you can earn from it? 

Affiliate program is a marketing program where merchants or advertisers recruits people who own a website to place banner ads, text links and other advertising materials where webmasters can earn commissions once a customer purchase products through the affiliate link. One popular affiliate program is the Gearbest in-house affiliate program. What is Gearbest and how can you benefit from them? How can you make money from your blog traffic? 

Gearbest is an online shopping platform in six languages that sell electronic gadgets, cell phones, toys, home products and even different kind of apparels for men, women, and kids. They have over 500, 000 products that come from 7 local warehouses. 


Commissions are the sole way at which brokers earn money. Picking the most effective FOREX broker for your portfolio of funds market-based instruments is essential. Ergo, if you like to make money with FOREX, eventually you need to select the ideal FOREX broker.

To totally understand these brokers, an individual must consider knowing the different kinds of brokers out there. Taking advantage of the Forex broker reviews will give you all of the information you have to reduce the chance of changing brokers within the near future and using the same broker for many years to come. All things considered, eToro is no doubt one of the most effective forex brokers available today. Since it is tied to credit agreements between each player, in regards to online brokers, the broker's cost-effectiveness will be contingent on their relationship with banks.


If you are a stay at home parent, it can be tough. It might not have been financially viable for you to go to work. It can seem pointless going back to work, only to cover the costs of childcare. It might have just been a decision that was easy to make as you wanted to be at home to raise your children. Whatever you chose, both can have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. A lot of stay at home parents looking to contribute in a small financial way, as well as all the other work they do in the home. So if you are seeking to make a little extra cash, there are plenty of options. Some might not work out for you but some certainly will. Having another focus, other than the children, can be a great help. Having a hobby or something else to invest time in can be so enjoyable. And it allows you to have some ‘me’ time too. So here is a few working from home options for you.


Sometimes it’s easy to forget about our household bills. They just leave our accounts each month, and that is that. But this is the mistake that many people make when it comes to the amount of money they spend. It’s not just about the amounts either, many times people make common mistakes that end up costing them in the long run. It’s time to reign in your monthly budget, and it gives it an overhaul. You may start with your household bills. So here is a quick guide for earning more dollar from your home and making those savings.



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It’s 2016, and the phrase ‘home security’ means a lot more than just a basic lock and key. With the amount of technology we now keep in our homes, burglaries have never been more costly, and it’s important we stay well-defended.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether your property needs a security boost, look no further! Here are five critical signs to watch out for, that could signify that change is needed.

You’re constantly away from home
Whether your job demands a lot of travel or you simply don’t spend your leisure time at home, you need some protection. With the dawn of the ‘Internet of Things,’ it’s never been easier to keep your house secure when you aren’t in it.

One way of doing this is by investing in wireless CCTV systems. The footage on these can be streamed to phone and will notify you of any sound or movement. This way, you’ll know about intruders in an instant, and can take immediate action.


If you’ve clicked this article, then I’m going to guess you want to know how to make money, correct? You’re sick and tired of slaving away at a dead-end job, barely earning enough to provide for your family. Well, what if I told you that your life didn’t have to be like that? There are ways for you to make more than enough money to keep your family comfortable. And, what’s the best way to do this? By starting a business of course.

Don’t get me wrong, starting a business can be a tricky and tiresome procedure. But, if done correctly, it can be worth all the initial effort. For one thing, you’ll be in command! You won’t have to answer to any bosses and can call all the shots. Plus, there’s no limit to the money you can make, unlike in a typical job when you have a set salary.

So, do you want to start a business and make lots of money? Then you better learn how to do it. In this guide, I’ll give you all the advice I’ve got, to help you start a small business:

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Faucet SiteMin CashoutTime IntervalP. Method
777 Bitco0.00025000 BTC15minDirect
Digital Artist20000Satoshi

DailyFreeBits500 Satoshi60mFaucethub

FreeUSD0.002-200 USD30mDirect (Paypal or Bitcoin Address













Earning from Paid Surveys has never been easier

If you are looking for a legit and reliable survey website then is the right website for you. Its FREE, TRUSTED and available to most of the countries worldwide. PanelPlace is a reliable channel for you to access thousands of legitimate paid surveys that genuinely pay for your opinions. started way back 2008 from unknown website created to keep track of survey sites for personal use. It eventually evolves and now connecting over 45 countries to Market Research companies and Survey Panels that helps survey takers to earn from giving out opinions.

PanelPlace is also available at App Store and Google Playstore. What are you waiting for? Sign up is free. Start earning cash today. 

How it works?

  • Sign up at PanelPlacecom for FREE
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PanelPlace - Make Money from Paid Surveys

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Join QuickRewards and get rewarded for taking surveys, visiting websites, playing games, shopping at over 1,300 stores, trying out products, signing up for offers, reading emails, printing grocery coupons and much more! Redeem your earnings for gift cards or cash. No minimum cash out policy so feel free to cash out daily! Most redemptions are processed within 24 hours. Over 10 years of quality customer satisfaction. 

Earnings could be redeem in the form of Paypal or gift certificates from Amazon, Applebees, Red Lobsters, Disney, Walmart, and many more. Cash out with Paypal starts at any amount that could be sent with 72 hours while for the GCs starts at 5$ and will be send within a week of process time. Credits from the offers sent within 24 hours. Join QuickRewards and start earning today! 

**-QuickRewards Network allows only members from United States (US territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam are excluded from the allowed list), Canada and United Kingdom to participate in their program at this time

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you go through my link


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you go through my link

Do you have anything you'd like to sell online? Like gadgets, clothes, shoes etc or even services. Look no more because OfferByU online open marketplace. Buy... Sell... Offer...

They offer marketing and advertising platforms for online seller and buyers/shoppers. Sellers/Buyers could be small or big business or even individuals anywhere. No commission and listing Fee.

OfferByU buy sell online marketplace


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

I am a stay-at-home mom and decided to make my own blog and try affiliate program that was referred to me by a trusted blogger friend of mine and now I'm starting to monetize from my own blog. 

Are you also looking for legit blog affiliate program aside from Adsense? Well, look no more because I will introduced you to affiliate program. The site was founded was back year 2000 and they have been in business for 15 years with good reputation in paying their affiliates. They have more thank 4,000 merchant programs that allow you to gives commission from pay-per-sale, per-lead and per-click on the links or banners placed in your website or blog page. Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.

Getting started:

First go to and click on the AFFILIATE SIGN UP at the upper right part of the site. After completing the sign up process, confirmation email will be sent to you. They will review your application as affiliate. It usually takes 24-48 hrs for your blog to be approve.

Once you got approve, you can now search for merchants whose products will be promoted by you in your own blog. 

(you can get sale commission from paid posts and paid banner ads). *Some merchants instantly approve request and some sends confirmation before you could promote their product. Once you got approval from merchants you can get your text links and banner from the "GET A LINK/BANNER" section 

Click on each Merchants on the list below and apply. The more merchants (approved) the bigger your earnings will be:  

  1. Lingerie Mart
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  55. IdealShape, LLC - 51109

My current earnings

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Are you a blogger who wants to join a new influencer community? Be part of Sverve community that aims to provide spotlight to bloggers and businesses which connecting them for a mutual benefits. Sign up now so we could endorse each other and share tips so we could both earn popularity in Sverve community

Join their campaigns to earn cash that will be paid to your Paypal account. Apply on their affiliate program with the fixed fee. 

Here's how to start: 
  • 1. Sign up at as Influencer. (Sign in with Twitter) Setup your account. Provide necessary details.

  • 2. Click on Campaigns at the upper corner of the webpage 
  • 3. Engage in "We're looking for influencers to spread the news about Sverve!" campagin dated Jul 10, 2015.
  • 4. Apply to become Sverve affiliate
  • 5. Unique referral code will be sent to you
  • 6. Post about the campaigns in your blog, forums, community threads and social media etc.

Note: Payments released every single month with the minimum earnings atleast 5$

Sign ups must be completed (verified) in order to be paid.
(1) All Sverve onboarding steps completed, AND
(2) Either blog should be verified OR Twitter account is connected.



What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems.
It’s the first example of a growing category of money known as cryptocurrency.

What makes it different from normal currencies?
Bitcoin can be used to buy things electronically. In that sense, it’s like conventional dollars, euros, or yen, which are also traded digitally.
However, bitcoin’s most important characteristic, and the thing that makes it different to conventional money, is that it is decentralized. No single institution controls the bitcoin network. This puts some people at ease, because it means that a large bank can’t control their money.

Who created it?
A software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto proposed bitcoin, which was an electronic payment system based on mathematical proof. The idea was to produce a currency independent of any central authority, transferable electronically, more or less instantly, with very low transaction fees.

What is Satoshi? 
A Satoshi is the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin that can currently be sent: 0.00000001 BTC, that is, a hundredth of a millionth BTC.

100,000,000 Satoshi = 1 BTC (bitcoin)
1BTC= 13,049 Pesos (sometimes it goes down to 10-12k but it could also go higher)

Whaff Rewards is a  Social Mobile Rewards App for Android mobile users. You could earn reward points  from downloading and using apps, watching short video, inviting friends or maintaining your downloaded app on your device. The reward points can be exchange to:
*Xbox Live Gift Card
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*Facebook Gift Cards
*iTunes Gift Cards
*Paypal Cash
Download on Google Playstore
You could put the invitation code: AD79553 for the 0.30$ instant earning. Minimum cash out is 10$. Open for all Android mobile users Worldwide!