Signs That You Might Need To Consider Moving House

It might have felt like you’d found your dream home when you first moved into your property. But fast forward a few years, and life can change in ways we couldn’t possibly have predicted. Before you know it, you can end up in a home which no longer works for you. If you have the luxury of extending then, that’s an ideal option in some cases, but for those who can’t (or are renting) the answer may be to move instead. Here are some of the signs you may need to consider moving to a new house!

You’ve Started to Work From Home
More people than ever are now able to work from home and achieve incredible things thanks to the internet. Whether you’ve started up your own business or work self-employed from home, you’ll more than likely need your working space. As well as a home office, you might have even an additional room for things like stock and storage. This is fine if you have a room or two to spare in your current home, but a lot of people don’t. And so if you have moved onto a career path which involves working from home, a house move might need to be considered.


Your Family Has Grown
Maybe you’ve had a couple of children, or perhaps a family member has moved into your home, so you’re able to care for them. Either way, more people in the house means more rooms are needed. As people grow, they might find themselves needing extra space. For example, a box room might be okay for a small child but not so much for a busy teenager. Who needs space for a desk to work on homework, all of their stuff and space to have their friends over.


You Hate Your Neighbours
It might seem extreme to move because of your neighbors, but feuds can be incredibly stressful. When you live right by the people you’re disagreeing with, you never really get ‘away’ from it. It might be arguments over land, mess, noise or something else. Either way, if you’ve tried to work it out and you find yourself continually stressed due to the neighbours, moving could be a good option. An estate agent in your local area will be able to give you advice about the area before you move in, to avoid this happening again.

You’re Not Close To Good Schools
Perhaps you moved into your current home as a childless couple, and so good local schools weren’t on your agenda when you chose your property. A few years later when you have little ones to think of, chances are schools now a high priority. Since schools work on a catchment area basis, you’ll need to live close to the ones you want for your child to be considered. Research has shown that vast numbers of parents move house to be closer to better schools. And so this could be a reason for you to consider upping sticks and moving elsewhere.


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