The Intriguing Benefits and Concerns of Vitamin C Serum

Brief Detail about Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is a high-quality version of vitamin C which means that this mixture contains a high concentration of the element. This chemical mixture has been created to achieve an oil free surface although the whole formula is dependent on the mixture of water and oil. This item is prevalent for people who have sensitive skin although the original mixture can cause irritation.

Vitamin C serum is mainly used in beauty products which are of premium quality as its effect doesn't fade out in a small period. There are ample amount of benefits associated with this chemical compound and because of this reason is widely used in skin care products. Vitamin C is a free radical combatant, and it is an essential element that strengthens the immune system of the body. Although it loses its power when exposed to air which is a negative side of this element but this phenomenon only happens  when it used in skin care product.

So Vitamin C serums are used in beauty products for its potency, and it includes magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, and L-ascorbic acid. The L-ascorbic acid concentration helps the cream from getting washed away by air. It synthesizes the collagen present in the upper surface of the body. However, with ages the concentration level decreases, so these beauty products with vitamin C serum are widely needed. Most of the skin care manufactured goods are available in different concentration level, and 20% percent concentration is the best and ultimate level. Beyond 20% concentration level may cause side effect in the skin leading irritation, rash and other harmful effects.
Benefits of Vitamin C Serum
There are numerous amounts of benefits of Vitamin C serum, and it decides the skin texture of a person. These advantages are as follows:
  • Human skin is integrated with a lot of element and collagen is one natural element that is present in the crucial layer of the skin. The production rate of collagen and its presence decides the chubbiness of the skin. Vitamin C serum present in beauty products helps in enhancing the creation of collagen which reduces the skin aging process like wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C serum has the potential to act as antioxidant, and it is a useful element that protects human skin from the harmful UV rays. However it is not very powerful so while using this element, one should use SPF cream along with it which will create an effective protective layer.
  • This element also helps in repairing of cells that are damaged by sun rays and this loss affect the skin causing fine lines and staining. The inner Vitamin C in the body also supports this repairing process as they are natural cell fixer in the body.
  •  Most of the premium skins brightening products have Vitamin C serum as the main ingredient, and it is mainly due to its bleaching property. It has the power to lighten the outside layer of the skin thus repairing portion with age spots, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. Nowadays, dark circles are a major problem faced by many people, and it can be solved by applying vitamin C serum under the eye. 
  • The biggest enemy of vitamin C serum is free radicals, and it is widely known for its damage control property as it attacks the free radicals. This rejuvenating property helps people to fade out scars or any skin cuts which they have received due to any accident. Many doctors, prescribes this product to their patient depending on the intensity of the injury.
  • It is highly helpful in cosmetic treatment that includes chemical peels and microdermabrasion as it helps the dermatologist to enhance the effect of the beauty in patient’s skin. The natural property of vitamin C serum strengthens the depth of the dermis and skin wall.  
  • Skin experts suggest the use of vitamin C serum along with use facial moisturizer. The serum is light and thin in nature, and it is widely used in beauty treatment after the cleansing stage. The combination of serum and moisturizers has some benefits as serum reaches the deep layer of skin while moisturizer affects the upper layer of tissues which produces a beautiful skin. 
  • Vitamin C serum also helps a patient suffering from a scurvy disease which causes a deficiency in Vitamin C. As a result of this shortcoming; the connective tissues breaks downs quickly but the use of this serum can control this damage by boosting the cell recovering process.
  • On many occasion, people faces brown spots and red spot in their skin that hampers the beauty of the skin. The serum when applied helps the skin to heal from the inside causing removal of those spots. It moisturizes the top layer of the skin thus acting as a remedy for dry skins. 


Vitamin C serum is probably one of the most important ingredients that are used in skin enhancing product although it has some concerns that make it almost useless. It acts as a skin healing element but it is highly unstable despites its concentration level and this it's the biggest disadvantage. This element should be used along with other supporting ingredients like moisturizer and SPF creams otherwise; it will degrade when it comes in contact with air and light.

Though Vitamin C serum acts a layer of protection from harmful rays of the sun, it is not an exact substitute of sunscreen lotions. If someone leaves the bottle of serum open for a small time, it will quickly lose its some percentage of its potential so it is always recommended that people should use opaque bottles. Nowadays, many beauty products use synthetic Vitamin C serum which is denatured, so they become useless when comes in contact with air and light due to their high-intensity unstable nature.

Vitamin C serum is one of the natural beauty ingredients that have different advantages and disadvantage associated with it but its benefits outplays its downgrade portion. However one can avoid the disadvantage part of this element by taking some proper measures.

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  1. Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants in skincare. I'm glad you point out that it should be in an opaque, preferably airless bottle to prevent it from becoming ineffective.

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