Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly With These Tips

We are also constantly using energy at home. You are probably using your phone or computer to read this which you will have used a charger to charge. That charger may well still be plugged into a wall socket wasting energy.
Look, it’s unavoidable. Everything we need to do to function properly in our daily lives using some form of energy or another. Or it might be the harmful energy that it emits that is more the issue.

Although it’s tricky for anyone to be perfect, there are a few things you can change around the home to help play your part. If everyone was just a little bit more environmentally-aware, it could make a huge difference overall.

Get efficient
This is the obvious one that a lot of us probably already do. Be mindful of the amount of gas, electricity and water you are using as this is a huge drain on resources. Try and remember to always switch off lights and plugs when leaving the room. Don’t leave TVs or computer on standby; shut everything down properly. Try to encourage your family to have quick showers when they can and to wash up with a bowl of water rather than running the tap continuously.
This conservative attitude goes to recycling and reuse too. Make sure you recycle everything that can be. There are really no excuses now – we all have access to green bigs and green bags specifically for this purpose. Also, in most places, there is an allocated day where the bin men come round solely to pick up the recycling. So don’t ignore it! Do your little bit and it could make a massive difference one day.
Change your carpet
If the time is coming around for a carpet switch-up, look into more environmentally friendly options. Although the standard carpets are indeed comfortable and seemingly harmless, this is not the case. Volatile ingredients and harmful chemicals are used in the creation and manufacturing of typical carpets. Thankfully, there are equally as soft and squishy less harmful options. Choosing a wool carpet means you are only using a natural resource for your flooring.  When spun into a thread, it can be dyed pretty much any colour and is still treated with the usual method of carpet cleaning. It’s worth considering when you next come to replace a carpet. You should also consider these things when thinking about replacing any floors.
Upgrade your insulation
Insulation works differently for different homes in different climates. But one thing for certain is that the more efficiently insulated your home is, the less energy you will expend. This not only saves you money, but it also uses a lower volume of non-renewable fossil fuels. Although a little pricey, the payoff will be well worth it. Add insulation into walls or doors or even swap your windows for double-glazed ones. If you can’t afford this much work, something as little as installing thermal shades help to block summer sun and retain winter heat.
There is so much that can be done easily around the house – just do whatever you can and it will be worth it for future generations.

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