Why Do Some People Look Younger Than Their Years?

There is a saying that you’re only as old as you feel. But that youthful feeling can quickly disappear if your reflection starts to give away the truth of your age. The passage of time can be quite unkind on our appearance. So how do celebrities and other young looking people manage to hide it so well? Here are just some of the tricks they use to give the illusion of youth:

Great Skin Care
It is often the skin that reveals our real age. As time passes, the cells age. This gives a drier look to the skin. Fine lines and even wrinkles can appear. It is possible to protect the skin from some of the effects of environmental damage. An excellent skin care routine will keep skin clean and clear. Buffs and scrubs remove the oldest layers of skin. Moisturizing will then enhance the appearance of what is left. Tinted creams rather than tanning will help avoid that damaged look from UV light.

Of course, you can care for your skin from the inside too. Keep your circulation healthy with a good exercise program that raises your heart rate. Sweating is your body’s way of pushing out the toxins. A diet rich in vitamin C combined with plenty of water will help ensure the cells are adequately nourished and hydrated. Protein will feed your muscles, contributing to providing definition and structure beneath the skin. This can contribute to reducing that saggy look.

Makeup, when skillfully applied, can hide all kinds of marks and blemishes on the skin. You can use color correction and shade to create the look you want. Dark circles the eyes can be lightened, and red skin can fade to a more neutral shade. It can cover the fine lines to give a more refined look. And scars, blemishes, and marks can all be covered up and smoothed over. Best of all, you can enhance your best features to help them stand out.

Cosmetic and Surgical Enhancements
Many different procedures and treatments can correct skin problems. When you see www.mi-skin.com/ you’ll see many can also reduce the appearance of aging on your skin. It is also possible to change the shape and structure of your face with surgical procedures. Some people have rhinoplasty for medical reasons. Others may have procedures to remove excess bagginess and puffiness from the eyes. Injections can help prevent deep wrinkles from forming and may even smooth out the onset of lines.

Of course, genetics will always play a part. Some people are lucky enough to have a more youthful appearance, as did their parents before them. Others may be more prone to the effects of aging. Lifestyle will also play a part. Smokers tend to have older looking skin than non-smokers. Alcohol consumption can also cause the appearance to change. Stress can play a big part in how your age might be perceived by others. Poor posture and frowning could lead others to think you are older than you are.

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