Sprucing Up Your Garden For Summer

The winter months can be quite unkind to our gardens, leaving homeowners with lots of repair jobs and sprucing up to do in the run-up to summer. Now that snow, wind, and rain are becoming irregular and daylight is lasting longer, it’s a perfect time to do some DIY around the garden and get it ready for BBQ season. The type of work you do will depend on your budget and how much time you have, but here are some ideas to inspire you.

· Install outdoor lighting so that you can eat outside and entertain guests, even after the sun has gone down. Security lighting should be installed at the entrances to your property to deter criminals, including the garden gate and the patio door. 

· Pressure wash your patio or decking to remove the build-up of dirt and debris, like moss and bird poo. Pressure washers can be bought or rented.

· Refresh your fences by replacing any damaged panels and giving it a fresh lick of paint. Paint is actually great for protecting your fence against extreme weather conditions.

· Declutter your shed and make sure it’s nice and tidy so you can easily access your gardening tools. If you have a summer house, give that tidy up too so that it’s ready to use on warmer days.

· Invest in garden furniture so that you have somewhere for your guests to sit if you want to host a BBQ. You could even build your own if you’re any good at DIY. During winter, you can store the furniture so that it stays nice for the following year.

·  Mow the lawn or install artificial grass to ensure your garden looks well-kept and orderly. An overgrown lawn can make your garden look tired and neglected.

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