3 Top Tips to Help Motivate Your Kids to Learn

Nobody is born a ‘good learner’; even the students who are top of the class had to become good learners before they could be good students. With the right motivation, you can help your child become an excellent student, with the aptitude and desire to learn. I have teamed up with an independent school in London to help put together the following advice for parents who want to help motivate their kids to learn.

1.     Lead by Example

First and foremost, you should lead by example. Your enthusiasm for different things will rub off on your children, so be sure to emphasize your love of learning and desire to discover new information. If they witness the joy you feel when you learn something, they will also become keen to learn. Read to your children on a regular basis, and have them read aloud to you too. Let them see you working through your bills or typing up an important letter. The more they see you reading, writing, learning and working, the more normal it will feel to them and the more likely they will be to follow suit.

2.     Make Learning Fun

When helping your child learn something new, try and make the experience as enjoyable as possible and try to appeal to their interests. You could use games as an educational tool, for example, which will not only help them with the topic of choice (e.g. capital cities, exotic animals, famous novels), it will also help them learn to work well in a group setting.

3.     Praise their Efforts

Many parents place a strong emphasis on results but it’s important to remember to praise the effort your child puts into their education, not just the grades at the end. You can also get them a gift like a pro scooter for their good grades. At the end of the school day, be sure to ask your child what they learnt in their lessons before you ask them about their performance. This will help them understand the importance of learning and that the effort is more important than the outcome. What’s more, it will allow your child to solidify what they learnt. 

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