Safety 101: Keeping Your House and Family Safe

No matter how hard you try, accidents can still happen, even at the place that’s supposed to be completely safe – your home. Plus, considering how much time kids spend indoors nowadays, it makes improving the safety of your home that much more important. So, although you can never make it completely risk-free, there are ways to reduce the risk of anything happening to a minimum – and here are some of those ways.

Install an alarm system

One of the first things you should do is install a good alarm system that would cover your entire property. It should include a couple of cameras as well since they can deter burglars, or at least help you find them if they don’t stop them. Moreover, you can get a system that can be connected to your smartphone so you can observe your home in real time, even from far away. Some other features you should think about are Wi-Fi connectivity – for the above-mentioned reason, night vision, and motion detectors. Some of those features might be a bit costly, but you can’t really put a price on keeping your home safe, especially when you’re away from it.

Speaking of alarm systems, you shouldn’t forget to install a fire alarm as well. As careful as you are when cooking, you never know when a phone call will distract you or when your child who is just learning how to cook on their own will forget about their pizza in the oven.

Prevent scalding

If you have a young child who is just learning to shower alone, you should make sure they are aware of the dangers of scalding. Hot water can burn the skin just like fire, and it takes less than five seconds for such water to damage the skin. So, for starters, make sure to set your hot-water heater to a more suitable temperature, and teach your child to always test the water temperature before stepping into the bathtub. Needless to say, the same goes for you, but kids are still more susceptible to such accidents.

Get insured

Besides securing your property, you should also secure some valuable things that you care about, like your car, for example. By choosing a good Youi car insurance, you’d be compensated if your car does happen to get stolen or damaged. Speaking of insurances, there are some policies that include not just your car but your entire garage as well. Some can also insure your home against fire and flood. All in all, some things should not be left to chance, so do your research and make sure you have something to fall back on in case some of the safety precautions fail.

Put up a fence

Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest one. Putting up a fence would create a physical barrier that not many burglars could or would dare to cross, especially if you combine that fence with another furry family member. You can also plant some trees and bushes along the fence to hide your home from the view and make it look a bit more natural. It would surely provide you with a bit more privacy, and your home would be less likely to become a burglar’s target.

Do some smart landscaping

Speaking of trees and bushes, if you do choose to boost your curb appeal, do it wisely. If burglars get past your fence, they will use anything they can to get into your house, including trees. For example, they can climb a tree to the balcony and get inside, since balcony doors usually have weaker locks than front doors. Also, if you have too many trees that cover your home from the view, you need to keep in mind that those same trees would protect the burglar from the view as well. Therefore, if there are any trees close to your house, trim the branches so they can’t be used for getting to the top floor; don’t hide your home completely – if something does happen, a neighbor or passerby who sees it could save the day.

You can never be completely safe from all the dangers lurking in this world, but there are things you can do to make your home safer. So, consider the listed options, do your research, invest as much as you can into improving your home’s security systems, and your family is bound to feel much more comfortable in it.

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